Egypt Government

The two brothers had helped Zer to set the tent in the square and later if they had directed for the office of the government that managed purchase and sales of lands. After to register lands and to pay the tax with silver rings, Hanareb and Menom had come back toward the tent. – A herald passed for the square announcing that the government is convoking architects to plan the construction of the tomb of the Fara. Zer said. Hanareb looked at for the brother. – You are architect, you must offer your services. You will have privileges working for the government.

Menon he remained been silent, thoughtful. Hanareb insisted. – What you want? To be farmer the remaining portion of its life? It goes to sign up itself! – Mnfis must have good architects, does not know if I will have conditions to compete with them! – Cost nothing not to try, my uncle! Zer said. – Later you it goes to repent itself for not having attemped. It informed Hanareb. – It is well. Where I must go? – In the office of the administration of workmanships. Zer answered.

Eight architects if had presented in the office of Tanuhe, the administrator of workmanships. Menon made its registration. Tanuhe spoke for the group: – The Fara, that represents the Hrus god in the land, supreme governor of all Egypt, head of all the tribes, decided to give to beginning the construction of its tomb, the dwelling of its body, when its soul will be to live next to deuses. The Fara does not desire a construction with much luxury, but a tomb that lasts per the centuries and that it is inviolable. The candidates must inside bring a miniature of the workmanship of fifteen days. The architect who will be chosen will receive house, lands and servants, beyond foods for its family while he will be employee of the government.


I Not Enxerguei. I knew two Ladies, correct in whom they made. In the relationship with the husbands, children, grandsons and all the people. Dedicated, fidiciary offices, friends, etc. and with more than thirty years of married. The first one: beautiful day was surprised at the separation.

Same divorce. It had found a Gorgeous young that transformed its head. The age difference was brutal. But, unhappyly for almost the widower, the identification of the new couple, it did not have as to collate. It with much money and it with an incalculable beauty. had been to live together.

Beautiful day, after a good time, the citizen fell sick and the little money that remains to it, did not give to be in a good hospital, a time that was a fatal illness. the Candy maiden, after having sucked the Great part of the money of the dying, did not remain to it to make, coitada, if to order fastest possible. It would have to think: I to deal with that babo, that the Only Pleasure that it offered to me was the money, and that now the illness, passing to my front, was taking the remaining portion! illness was serious same. The advanced age already. Who goes To take care of of this coitado poor person, who of the life alone Had a nugget and the sparing money of a pension of the INSS. They astonish Who was to take care of of it was the Wife, fidiciary office, Friend, and that if she says of ticket she helped, it to gain good money as entrepreneur any, therefore already wise person, that stops the future, msera pension would not go to serve exactly to satisfy its whims. Badly wise person it who would go to it to appear a beautiful maiden and a sad illness. Second: it was a Love of Mother and Son.

Will To Help

In one late of walked for return my house, in one day of much sun and heat and already starting to blunt the dusk. what it seems everything seemed to be happening normally, and yes this is not a inverdade, but for my astonishment and so to speak privilege I observed a sena that few would go to try to understand the reason of the fact that was to happen. With a look fascinating for seeing a child helping to aparar the gram of the front of its house, I was to think this is normal this is made a mistake? For many as activist or the super protectors of the child and the adolescent in our century or future centuries yes. But, however stopping and observing the conduit of the father in relation to the son I understood that after as much insistence of the son who badly had forces to put into motion the gram cutter the father looks at and leaves the child to handle. This because the object is weighed and highly cutting, more clearly with I assist all it of the father to its side the child nor if wants stopped to think or even though to question to the father on the possible damages who to that would cause it object in case of accident. This rank for many would be impossible more would like to remember and to say that the children are the biggest philosophers who the humanity can have, because inside of each child insacivel headquarters of discoveries exist. this headquarters, that make them the questionadoras greaters, even though when through these questionings gets objective answers not very or nothing objective. what this affectionate father was approximately to make when delivering the sideboard of gram in the hand of its son of five years is to try to answer it the height of its existence in helping, teaching its son as it makes thus giving the attention that its son deserved. I think that all the parents would have to make the same to show that each question of its children and children, nieces and grandsons, has yes importance in a certain reply and objective, after all of accounts all we are parents of each child for seeing in them as mirror of its future.