Like Composing A Song

The Human being, by nature is creative of Ideas, thoughts our I devise helps us to improve day to day in the Society in which we lived, clear every one sandal the area which him wadding in my case is Music, from always I have liked and of natural form they were appearing the imaginary sounds and letters with them, empece to shape it to the paper but ahead can acquire an instrument I empece with the guitar; good this is a small introduction but to which I go and I want to share with you is ” LIKE COMPOSING a MUSICAL PIECE HABLANDO” POPULARLY; , I say popular is due to doing it without being complicated much the life and that leaves the best possible form. Good in the first place you like Music? you have creativity for her? if the answer is affirmative is hour to begin, comprate a guitar or a keyboard, where you can give life all to that creativity, because if him DAS to another musician who touches some instrucmento and knows to compose, never was like that this in your mind. for the composer sometimes the best melodies come from the anything and in a place not very appropriate to sit down and to compose, so I recommend to you that you have a reason where you can thus record at those moments podras for recording part of the melody and soon or in your house to shape it in paper or the instrucmento that you choose. our state of intention helps as you do not have idea to that they leave the best pieces, or when we are very sad or very contentments, it takes advantage of those moments seran beneficial for you aside you would relieve feelings and they would help better sentirte. For more information see this site: Nancy Lublin. also this the form to do it with your instrucmento, is but simple to create the melody in your instrucmento and soon to place the letter to him, that of the opposite form. At the time of doing you use it simple chords, does not complicate in looking for very complex simple you to you sera but of this form. and finally and not less importanta the structure of a piece that is: intro, verses (generally two), variant (nonobligatory) this precedes the choir to soon give him to force to the piece, the choir, posteriolmentes two verses but, the choir only repeats itself and the end, deals with which the chords of estrobas and choir are always the same one so that it is recorded to him to the Receiver that is to say, to Listener, the single ones are generally the chords of the verses.

White Path

White Path. I STEP. White path where the scents to jasmin, pine scent to field. Scent to brave cow and bulls in freedom. In this childhood of two coasts two seas and a single earth. Scent to Seas union and armonion and far Africa. Skies high blue celestial and white clouds cotton. And to far from the long white path.

To the horizon white small houses in the mount of the coal. Of the coal mountain range. Shorefront oftentimes addresses this issue. Field of Gibraltar my field. Horses ride free in by the reddish mud. Where until the dust that rises it smells well. There are no dark nights where the stars to millares shine. Stars that yaw to the bulls that rest in the pine.

And my house of great and painted walls with white lime. The wings of my imagination you fly when watching after the great large window. Of the harmonic life of its noble people. Where invier to us they are of together warm colds to the brazier. Together all we took coffee with bread from field and inlays of the mountain range of the coal. Coal mountain range of the Field of Gibraltar. Sardines hoes and squid roast clams big holes red prawns manjares of both seas. Together in hermanad we sang to the life and its people. Together to the blind cows of badness. White path the one takes that us to the hope. Oh, seas of every day mountain range of the coal. Coal mountain range of the field of Gibraltar my field. Town of the rock, San Roque Cadiz that saw me be born. Of morisco and the pirate who no longer walks nor it sails.

The Movement

Everybody knows that when something is in immovable it requires greater force to move the one that when the initial movement has already taken place. That must to which in physics friction force is called, that is the force that is against the movement. The friction coefficient is a factor that measures this force of friction or opposition to the movement. The friction coefficient is greater, for a same object, cradled the object this immovable one (static coefficient of friction). Meaning that although always there is opposition to the movement, this opposition is greater when the object this immovable one or in a constant movement. ld Ford Jr offers on the topic..

What has this to do with the success, the wealth and the happiness? This is extremely important because as well as there is a force that is against the movement of the objects, thus is a mental force that is against the change, the movement. That force that is against the movement, to the advance to the profit of the success and the happiness is the conformism, mental inertia. It is therefore that the initial step is most difficult. It is much more difficult to secure first the million dollars for that never nothing in its life has had, that to obtain billions of dollars to that have begun of zero and have constructed a fortune of a pair of million. If it wishes to verify it intntelo tries to only move its automobile (if it is soothe, by all means. It is a hypothetical example, it can also verify it with a table, armchair, etc.) pushing it and would notice that effort is required but to move it when this static one that stops to move it once it has already begun to move. Returning to our subject, of the success, the happiness and the wealth, Which is that force that is against to which you wish? What is it stops what it to obtain what wishes? It stops what it to obtain what wishes they are its beliefs.

Social Movements

At the beginning of century, America was the favorite destiny of the Spanish emigration and, later from the 50, Europe it was the front sight for a Spanish society that vi forced to make the suitcases to look for a better future for its children. For more information see BSA. And, in his great majority it found, it. Nevertheless, Spain, in the two last decades, has passed to be a country especially emigrant to become destiny for immigration, adding itself to the receiving Europe, and the rest of the First World, that describe to the foreign immigrant like , like inferior culturally, that only looks for opulent the West in a flight of the lack of the minimums to live with dignity in its country of origin. The discrimination and the marginalization of the immigrants have become a lamentable subject of the present time. The immigrant is a person strange, other people’s to the cultural landlords of receiving society. Other , different becomes , that it alters social normality established. This conception is based on a series of etnocntricos prejudices that they look for to explain the differences between we and they, justifying attitudes discriminatorias as much at individual level as social, and getting to admit like allowed abuses at different levels, like for example the offer of works of low qualification, with impossible schedules and wages very inferiors to habitually paid one of the house. The receiving society does not consider any kind of ethical problem, since the feeling is of its superiority against the inferiority from which they come, that justifies all it. It is being generated, with a more and more high index of frequency, a feeling of alteration of the own identity by the arrival of these immigrants, with daily manifestations of distrust by the danger that assumes that they are for the culture and local identity..


But the happiness announced in the posmodernidad does not arrive and everything it saturates of advisors, of manuals of self-help, ingenuous utopias that grow in the middle of a progressive social descertificacin. And then the religious dogmas rearm and return to emerge like substitutes of the convictions left for the collective reason, that it is perceived buried between the pages of an unfinished history, because the old social conflict of classes, that one that inspired and animated to the excluded majorities, has become a global conflict that it tries to explain all the resistance. For more information see Kidney Foundation. The conflict in the societies depoliticized transmuting itself in a personal subject aupado after the victory of narcisista I. The unions, the social agencies of volunteers, agencies and the institutionalized groups of social pressure, have assumed a strategy of containment of the social conflict, less and less politicized and more armored in their reading and possible alternatives of real change of articles of incorporation. But the social malaise is transformed into a conflict that leaves victims.

Many wait in the long list of the centers of mental health, in the offices deprived of psychologists, in the social services or pure and hard unemployment. They are those that survive, the consumers of anti ansiolticos, that have somatizado the hardness of a life without networks of protection in the social fibromialgia of our days. And he is that the personal biographies have depoliticized, the suffering DES-has socialized itself and one has become an absolutely private problem, where psiquiatrizado the individual and asistencializado, are advised by social psychiatrists, judges and assistants, the professional triunvirato of the social containment that responds to the welfare sodomizacin of a new fight of classes: Between adapted submissive from the posmodernidad and those that no, acrtica reading where the social malaise loses political meaning and this one is standardized and it returns to the asset of a business association, now like private malaise arises. The privatization of the social conflict is determined by certain positions before the own conflict, that basically summarize the relational models with the own one to occur daily, its problems and the form to transfer responsibilities between historical-political subjects and the institutions.

Splendor Stetic Center

If your motivation is small it is because perhaps your dreams are not sufficiently great that not even inspire to you to do that " something ms" " To live and to remember your intention and to help others to obtain his sueos" One of the most effective forms for sentirte well and that knowledge that your life has sense Martha Naranjo. Splendor Stetic Center specialistic Industralist in emphasizing the beauty of the body. It shows to us that whenever we give ourselves and we love what we are doing we can find motivation in everything: " the truth without lying to me, I enchant my work to me, like that people are wanted and is appraised for that reason they look for to me, treatment every day to be up-to-date in the world of the aesthetic one, move the results of the patients, fodder I who as I love what I do I pass on work party and to my patients, and what I always say equipment to him is that they give to professionalism and security those they are the keys to prevail in vida" Mabel Vlez. PCRM understands that this is vital information. Convivium Aliment-Art ESPOL Between many others Has be winning of Triumphant the Ecuador Contest in the category " Tenaz&quot work;. For Mabel, the adversities that have known to turn into opportunities have constituted one of their majors motivation sources and stresses: " I always determine goals and To make things that me satisfacen".

Also another form that finds to stay motivated is participating in challenging projects, to help to others " It satisfies to participate me in social works, activities that are not net academic, to work in projects without remuneration, to work for organizations &quot for charity;. At the moment it is president of the Convivium Aliment-Art ESPOL Ecuador Sheyla Mosquera de Caldern. The Magazine Enthusiastic writer and recognized journalist of one of main means in Ecuador. .

Ford Escort

Group of people to Ford Escort. Others who may share this opinion include Dr. Neal Barnard. Furious exit, right foot tightening the accelerator to the handle with force sufficient to remove it below the chassis. The pedal, almost asphyxiated by the pressure, began to request aid but it did not have helped that it. High beams. Steep braking in several traffic lights. With the together hands in plegaria and to clean blast I ask to him to the cars of ahead that are run. All to a side.

It found me in an increasing spiral of " automanijearme" , with the needle of the Estresmetro marking maximum, to only demonstrate the tared one of Pan Am that would manage to do it. Certain short while ago whisper it requested inner me that she lowered the ball, but to that height no longer buseca of Diazepan with garlic sausage of red Lexotn calmed nor one to me. 15 y20 hours. Arrival to the Department of the Interior, Mercedes and Julio Herrera and Obes. I leave the parked bad car, low like whirlwind while I repeat mentally: _". If I want that they take care of express to me I must elevate the voice. I am not going to waste time with long phrases or conjugating verbs. All it concerns bledo&quot to me;.

Then, Eureka! That idea gave the key me to begin to write in a unique, different format and arising my total lack of patience as I am advancing in age. I enter the already out of position office, the best Hulk style and vociferating: _ PAYABLE PASSPORT, TO TRAVEL 4 and 20! Civil servants as as much public in the tail occur return by the extraordinary shouts. Nobody conversation during 6 ether to us seconds. I do not know if to repeat, to wait for some reaction, or to embrace me to anyone and to put to me to cry.


Rain can surprise us in a dusk walking from return house, and about this episode of the nature we can think and therefore feel that we are bad beloveds by the universe, or can choose to think to feel that we are really lucky to enjoy a gift of the nature. Before our vision the light projects a shade, but also that shade can project a light. It depends perspective that we choose to add in our life, we will be people who we will be mainly constructed of positive attitudes or people who mainly choose to build themselves of negative attitudes. The amount and quality of lights and shades that we decide to look for and to find, will remain and molded our expressions, they will give cadence him to our thoughts and they would provide shady styles to us or colorful scenes to our emotions, in accordance with our decisions. If we pause a day to reflect and to analyze what is our glance, not only of the other and the surroundings, but simply as we watched ourselves inwards, as we see our thoughts and feelings, we will know to discriminate that attitude predominates in our person. Surely this attitude that dominates our internal law will be reflected at all the moments and elections of being in our external world. In Synthesis the life is dialectic.

The form, the expression, the quality of our thoughts and our emotions, are a decision that depends on us, we must assume it like so, and this done it will lead to us towards a total life and it frees. Infinity of events does not depend on us, but the form to act, to respond before them is a created work and directed by our thoughts, we are the directors and the actors of our own answer. The daily scenes always appear with their explicit antithesis or implicit, the same scene can be counted of creative and stimulating form or of mediocre and depressing form. The attitudes dominate to our expressions and ours sentires, but simultaneously our chosen form to think and to feel modifies these landlords, is what we have created of we ourself, but has the power to modify what it does not contribute towards the happiness, the joy and the fullness to live. We attract everything what it occurs to us, because giving account us or ignoring it conscientiously, we have constructed a magnet that gathers what our attitudes command. ” The reality in an immense alive fabric, that is guinea fowl day to day by our thoughts and emociones.

Cellulitis Homemade Treatments

The cellulitis is an evil that afflicts to million women around the world, you do not believe that you are single or that nobody includes/understands to you with respect to this subject. It concerns it is that you do not shield behind excuses like the lack of time or the lack of money to be able to receive or aplicarte some type of treatment. Before nothing, pregntate as the cellulitis at the time of our grandmothers were fought, sides that the answer is quite simple: making use of the natural plants indicated to make its own products of beauty. It is therefore that next we will enumerate some compressed prescriptions of natural that you can realise you yourself so that you apply them before to you or or during your baths. They will surprise the results to you. Childrens Defense Fund wanted to know more.

For the first compressed one you would need: leaves of ivy, oil of almonds and a type of called alga Fucus. First you must place in a mill of personal type or a mortar, some leaves of ivy which will have to be crushed until they send certain amount of his juice. Soon you must mix the obtained thing with the oil of almonds very well and with fucus, leaving all the ingredients of the mixture is integrated well by an approximated lapse of 40 days. Spent this date, you strain the obtained mixture and you already can begin to apply it like an oil of massage in the zones to try. That yes, you must apply it every day.

For the second compressed one you would need: leaves of trepadora ivy, leaves of salvia and water. In order to prepare the compressed one you must mix in approximately eight water glasses, a handful of ivy and a handful of salvia, mixture that you must let rest during 24 hours. Spent the 24 hours, you must strain the obtained product you can begin before it to use. For its application, you must soak a towel in the mixture and you place soon it on the area to try. Beam Click to see a practical and simple formula Here that it helped you to melt and to eliminate the cellulitis for always. Original author and source of the article.

Second Spanish Republic

To the following day he was implanted, officially, the Second Spanish Republic. Until then, the towns of Spain, and mainly ours, lacked social programs. Exentos of real guarantees in use and enjoys by necessity of the more elementary sanitary services, with the exception of beneficial aid, sporadic or predesigned, to part of the most needed. With your history: the real one of the town, after decades in which the working classes we have lived over our real possibilities: like rich drowned in easy credits: that overwhelmed hopes and Through history has knocked down us millares of perspective of real well-being we would discover that in first and successive decades of century XX, our families, including mine, passed more hunger than ” triggers of Manolo”: hungry, desperate, they were sobre-explotadas and degraded, civic, social and spiritually. Add to your understanding with Boy Scouts of America. The clergy, however, dominated the uncultivated masses and induced to that God asphyxia but does not drown, and saying, while the church filled the disorderly coffers in abundance, argued that he: God, would heal the weakness of the believers, not in the gastronomy: plate of second table for the church, but in the spiritual: authentic to pound of deceit to the vulnerable one. To it, in case they could be doubts in brings back to consciousness of which they suffered from the illiteracy and they saw die of hunger or disease ” curable even for poca” , to members of theirs, it was worth the prerogative of: if you die in the Earth you will revive is the sky: aim of God The lacks of understanding of the life and the short cuts in the economy are not, sometimes, those that in justice we create to deserve. They are, nevertheless, like the ways of God: inscrutable ” God gives bread to that does not have teeth ” He did not want to extend to me but good, you pardon once again. As I am timid, and in direct I dissuade myself, one sees that here in the solitude, I give those of Augustinian of Aragon in the two and the three of May In the following novel relation published by me, without guarantees which the reading society knows: by rigorous economic deficiency: in promotion necessity, I do not include the novel that I finish finishing and is pending of presentation to contest..