Why Search Engine Promotion Matters

Today, if you want to achieve one of the top positions in major search engines, you can not do this unless you’re an expert in SEO (search engine optimization), if they do not come up dozens of original articles to specialized sites or do not promote your production site with videos of their own. Becoming a search engine expert requires years of experience, study, research, testing and constant dedication. The results usually do not arrive quickly, you must first get the difficult goal of putting your website in top positions of the major search engines, but after continuous work constantly to keep that position of privilege.

That is, the investment in time is very high and if what you claim, is to promote a product, service or your online business, time is money and if you do not get the goal, you’re losing a lot. So …

What are the alternatives to search engine optimization?. There are two good options that I talk to you then. The first would write dozens of original articles and post them everywhere you can find specialized. time is also high, but the results may come quickly if you care that your articles and your website are minimally optimized. Basically what you’re doing is putting “backlinks” (side links) to your website, which will multiply as your article is distributed by hundreds of sites that publish content sites where you posted. The second and more expensive to get quick results, is the publication of self-produced videos to promote your websites.

Creating your own videos and uploading them to social networks like YouTube, you can create hundreds or thousands of backlinks as video sites are distributing your products. The result is that many people will see your promotional videos and captures the interest of the Internet, create a viral promotion for your site that will not cost you a dime.

Obviously, The more videos you upload, receive more visitors on your website, more backlinks you will have your site online and very quickly move up as you go up more and more videos. In addition to “fill” the network of your backlinks, that scales positions in major engines like Google, is also due to the great importance they have acquired sites like YouTube, Metacafe, MySpace and other sites that have millions of visitors monthly. If you search on Google, you’ll see that after the first position, generally contain links to relevant videos related to the keywords you used for that search. But most Internet users have basic computer skills, and the mere fact of producing a video of their own, find it an almost impossible task, or if successful, yields are generally low quality, a fact that will influence the number of people who displayed these videos. So I want to introduce a system where anyone with basic computer skills can create your videos in minutes and without any additional costs to own purchase of the product itself. If you want to learn how to create your own videos, you can inform in detail on my website.