Planet Body

" The bacteria are in dried state, they must wake up before they actively start working! It is very important. The contents of the vial or ampoule, dissolved a little lukewarm, stir well and be sure to leave at 15-20 minutes' for revival '! It is essential that lactobacilli better accustomed to the gut. And this should be done for both and both adults and for infants. For the prevention and treatment of dysbiosis and yeast infections during pregnancy appoint 15-20 ml for vaginal swab for 2-3 hours. The course is 10 days. Effects on the body.

From the standpoint of Energy Processes, "Oseyanie increases the glow around the body and organs, helps to activate all energy processes in the body. Has the property inside the body make healthy and rejuvenate the skin. Lactobacilli displaces conditionally pathogenic microorganisms, and activates the body's defenses under the influence of biologically active extracts. Also has immunomodulatory properties – increases immunity, eliminates the body of radioactive substances and toxins that contribute to the rejuvenation of the whole organism, has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect. All variety of actions of this drug can be tested on myself and each time discover something new, since it is completely harmless and has no side effektami.Obraschenie to light humanity for the participants' russian cathedral. I psihobakteriolog, Mokrousova , collected from 1994 data on the phenomenon of lactic acid .I with all the responsibility (response to light) declare that the people on Planet "Earth" – the children Milky Way – are immersed in the microbial matrix and evolve mikrofloroy.imya its Yoghurt sticks (hence the prayer for her, she and multiplies).