Sonia Azcueta Coordinator

Hello to all my friends the painters, sculptors, poets and musicians. Day 4 closed the exhibition in the Palace of Benacazon Toledo. He had already promised I give you news but I preferred to wait for this closing to do so. I hope that all have photos of the event and the room and patio where have been exposed, if you you lack one, do I know to send them. From now! I’m going Envoy your houses catalogues so that you make them.

If any want to lead it I any in particular you do I know. Have a little patience please! Well as you’ve seen the place to show off the works it’s been the best. Lots of light and lots of culture of the past and also an exhibition admirably well configured by Vicente Herrero Caceres, placed to each work that lucia for its own beauty without interfering with the other. Luis responsible for the Palace of Bencazon – soul solidarity with us, for his affection, support and affection shown I thank you and my affection – continued his address and between the two they left the resplendent beauty room. It was one of those magical and unique exhibitions very difficult to combine today given the social circumstances. Did us so knowing Luis, commented as they had ever had in the Palace, nothing seemed but there were the artists of solidarity to show that we can unite, not only to help solve disasters if not for join our art based on a necessity, the show that we are able to separate our individuality and style to form part of a whole that I think is what you need our mercantilist society. A radical change to make art and culture a purpose everyday of our lives. The inauguration since comment you. I have asked Sonia Azcueta Coordinator of the project be and say that together with the other component of municipality and culture they have sponsored and subsidized this exhibition make me get letters of thanks of the distinct personalities, but it seems that it may not be.