Tianjin Boom Region

Industrial heart and engine of growth referred to by its own inhabitants as a permanent construction site, that every few months a new city plan has to be printed, is in Tianjin, about 80 km from Beijing away, not least because its Binhai New area as industrial heart and engine of growth of northern China. This was not always the case. During a visit of the Tianjin economic and technological development area should noticed Deng Xiaoping in 1986, that at the time still broke this country between China’s third largest city and the waterfront great untapped potential in mountains. This was followed by a more ambitious development plan, from which emerged the today’s Tianjin Binhai New area (TBNA). Located at the interface between the Beijing-Tianjin – Hebei economic zone and the Bohai Bay area, the region is geographically a hub between northern and southern China, and connecting China with Northeast Asia. Kidney Foundation often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The TBNA currently covers an area of 2.270 km2 and a coastline of 153 km. Last but not least because of its potential for low-cost Development attracts more and more foreign investment to the region. Recent developments have proved particularly interesting also for German companies involved so far relatively little in the region.

So significant administrative restructuring measures were carried out between November 2009 and January 2010. Now major projects are about no longer supervised as by the Tianjin, city administration, but the Central Government itself. Also in the future Special should attention be on high-end industries, among others with a focus on renewable energy. The invitation to tender of draft of whole neighbourhood, including an own Singaporean Chinese ECO-city”, testifies to the ambitious target to become within the next five to ten years to the region with the highest investment and growth rate of China’s. The plan of the German Energy Agency, to build a residential and business complex with over 200,000 m2 usable area according to German energy standards allows greater awareness for expect sustainable building and thus increased opportunities for companies in the sustainability sector. Magali Menant, econet china