Tivoli Radio – Exclusive Sound

“With the Tivoli radios, you can enjoy a unique sound experience of Tivoli radios belong to the world’s most famous products of the company of Tivoli Audio model one” put an incredible start. This device must become a cult object was designed by the brilliant developer and designer Henry Kloss. He grabbed this Mono radio with unprecedented technology in a small wooden box, renounced Visual bells and whistles, and gave him a modest three controls. The decoupling of housing and electronics creates an optimal listening experience, that is not trusted a small radio. A connection for headphones, CD player and tape output, and a 12V for use in mobile homes and boats belong to the facilities of the model one”. Tivoli Audio offers a variety of audio models pure sound in a variety of places.

The customer has the choice between several lines: Classic Edition, outdoor Edition, Internet Edition and iEdition. The ability to connect external devices is wonderful. The Tivoli CD player is optically and “technically a good partner for the model one”, and also can be on PAL and iPal radios connect. In the age of the iPod and iPhone, the Tivoli connector is not only the player but also charging the battery. It is compatible with all Tivoli models, can be controlled with a remote control and leaves a good impression with its wood veneer. Tivoli PAL and iPal are the best friends for on the go. Only 15.7 cm high and 11.6 cm broad, of a latex-coated housing is surrounded, AM / FM radio for all weather.

An additional telescopic antenna guarantees first-class reception. The built-in rechargeable battery is up to 16 hours ready for use, it has a headphone jack and an AUX input for CD / MP3 player. An attached cable allows the connection of the iPal to iPod. In addition to the technical excellence of Tivoli radios is their appearance discreet, elegant sporty and yet classic. To see all the models on the Internet page.