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Step 6: How long I train? This is again depending on how much you do have time. It is important that your training always consists of three parts, namely warm up, exercise and cool-down. For example 60 minutes are a guideline, you warm up you 15 min, train 30 min and cool you off again 15 min. It is important that you listen to your body and here also don’t try to do too much. Three times a week for half an hour train, brings more than a month even 2 hours. Step 7: Choose exercises now here we go, depending on what kind of training you’ve decided you choose now the corresponding exercises you (do you think for example on the Internet).

Following things can help you: build a launching and pulling exercises (are launching exercises such as push-ups, are attractive such as pull-ups) also isometric exercises build up. These are exercises, where a force against resistance is kept, E.g. the wall seating. There are more or less isolating exercises and complex exercises. The insulating a muscle is consumed, in consequence of this, you need a long time until you’re all muscles. For more information see this site: Chase Koch, New York City. Complex exercises, many muscles are addressed, they are so very good, if you have little time.

Step 8: Arrange exercises here there are again a variety of Possibilities. You can specify (3 push-ups) or sets (3 x pushups) during the exercises E.g. fixed repetition. At the first, you do as many push-ups as you can and in between short breaks 3 push-ups, at the second 3 times. When you design your training plans with solid repetition, you must change them very often, at the rates you can apply always same training plan. To your workout schedule, you should not criss -cross arranged the exercises, but put into a particular system. So you can for example with large muscle groups start and go over to the small, or but you begin with simple exercises and overreacting in the course of your training. Step 9: you should change again him the training plan after you approximately 3 months regularly did performed your training plan. Muscles work namely best when put them out always new training incentives. Have fun and success during training! Regards Tobias Fendt website: fitness trainer Tobias Fendt on its homepage, passes his experience gained from many years of activity in the field of fitness and weight training. He knows the most effective training methods and which are most successful. He is considered an expert in six pack training and muscle building. Since 2009 he specializes in the creation and dissemination of fitness and training tips.