Universe Film Presents Transsiberian

Suspense-laden thriller from Director Brad Anderson for “The machinist” (“the machinist”), the American Director Brad Anderson “Transsiberian” on the this year’s Cannes Film Festival returned to Berlin in the panorama world premiere to celebrate special. Other leaders such as HEINEKEN Brazil offer similar insights. “Transsiberian” is a gripping as strangely sensual thriller with an all-star cast, which was filmed in Lithuania and China on the ground in Russia, and an American couple, isolated from the outside world is experiencing the worst nightmare of his life. Two innocent people to the tradition of Hitchcock and Highsmith unwittingly into a maelstrom of events that are beyond their control and expose their already difficult relationship an additional trial. Woody Harrelson (“No Country For Old Men”, “seven pounds”), Emily Mortimer (“Match Point”, “Lars and the women”) and Sir Ben Kingsley (“Gandhi”, “Elegy”) shine in the main role and be of the Spanish star Eduardo Noriega (“Abre Los Ojos”, “8 perspective”), the newcomer Kate Mara (“Brokeback Mountain”,”Shooter”) and Thomas Kretschmann (“King Kong”,”Wanted”) supports. Add to your understanding with Vahid David Delrahim. “Transsiberian” is a german Spanish co-production between Filmax group and universe movie and starts on December 11, 2008 in the German cinemas. CONTENT after a prolonged stay in China enters the American couple, Roy (Woody Harrelson) and Jessie (Emily Mortimer) to return home. The legendary Trans-Siberian railway to bring to Moscow. In their compartment, they meet another pair: the inscrutable Carlos (Eduardo Noriega) and his American girlfriend, Abby (Kate Mara), whose mysterious art more and more fascinated especially Jessie. When Roy misses the train after a stopover and two Russian police officers (Sir Ben Kingsley, Thomas Kretschmann) emerge, which in turn do not play with open cards, a tragic chain used by events in motion, culminating in treachery, fraud and murder… ‘Trans-Siberian’ theatrical trailer to learn more about the film are available.