Xerox Colorqube – Advanced Technology

AtyrauTechInvest Company announced the delivery and launch of the eco-friendly multi-function device 9202 to the Company XeroxColorQube AbiroyTechnicalTraining. this Training Center specializes in conducting training on safety, technical courses and certificate programs, materials which are based on international standards and meet the requirements of Kazakh law. Vermont shows great expertise in this. When you move into a new office in connection with the expansion of the company and AbiroyTechnicalTraining access to a new level of increased need for rapid printing of educational materials, teaching aids with the latest technology. Printing equipment market is multifaceted and sometimes difficult opt for one or the other technique, so turned to for help AtyrauTechInvest – a leading provider of printing equipment Xerox. When choosing a printing equipment were as follows: Enlarge Print speed, reduce the cost of a misprint, as the color and monochrome, use environmental materials to get rid of a specific odor, which emit laser printers. After reviewing the Client’s request, the consultants proposed to acquire MFIs AtyrauTechInvest XeroxColorQube 9202 – innovative line of color MFP tverdochernilnyh AZ format for medium to large workgroups. This is a solid ink. As consumables used in ColorQube not toner cartridges, ink and bricks made on the basis of natural soy wax. Another advantage of the technology SolidInk (solid ink) is its environmental friendliness.

Briquettes of solid Ink cartridges do not have, so they are fully utilized. When you download a block of solid ink device that leaves no ink cartridges for recycling. Friendly solid ink is safe for the user. They do not leave stains on clothing, leather and furniture. The study Xerox found that ColorQube 9200 uses 9% less energy than comparable laser MFP in this class, and reduces by 10%, carbon dioxide emissions during production. Benefits received after the installation: Increased print speeds up to 15%, reduce power consumption in comparison with other models of printers can now scan the network, which facilitated the process of digitizing documents, as well as a network scanner module – is standard on all models bar ColorQube; No peculiar smell in the press, which now hovers around the office is not, and as a consequence there is no need organize a separate room with a special online print hood and the influx of fresh air. These factors may positively affect the health of employees and, most importantly, their state health and the environment. Ruslan Hadzhaev, marketing manager, LLP Abiroytechnicaltraining, commented on the results from the acquisition of All-XeroxColorQube 9202: “The advantages of these devices have become apparent for us in the first month of use.

This is, firstly, the lack of odor when you print. Second, supplies began to occupy a fraction of physical space, allowing free space our warehouses. And third, their unique multi-functionality – excellent performance both in the press, the main activity, and for additional network services – scanning, digitizing, sending an email to the recipient. I recommend this device to all who are interested in organizing an effective office space. “.