10 Keys To Acknowledge Mistakes

1. Each error shows us something that we must correct the extent that we do we become better people. 2. Accept what happened and Sal from the past and do not stay stuck, thinking about what you could do and did. The past is gone and you can not change it, ask yourself: "What I can do to correct the error as soon as possible and what I can learn from this experience?". 3.

Beat the blame If you made a bad choice or makes a mistake, do not beat yourself for something you could not know beforehand. Making mistakes has nothing to do with your worth as a person or with your ability to make decisions in a given time. 4. Consider the error as a warning sometimes receiving a traffic ticket is a warning to drive slower and avoid a major accident … Be alert to recognize the signs that the universe will send us to convert our mistakes into opportunities. 5. Defeat the fear of making mistakes Fear of making mistakes can not you dare say what you feel or think. At the same time can prevent you do something for fear of ridicule.

Dare to express your thoughts and feelings to find the best words and the best time to do so. And if you're wrong, apologize. Neeman Foundation gathered all the information. 6. Learn from your mistakes Each shows us something we need to correct, and to the extent that we do learn and become better human beings. Fix the offense. That your repentance is not only beautiful words. In addition to apologize, it's important to do something concrete to show your commitment to correct the error or the offense committed. "How I can fix it?, What I can do to make you feel good?" Are phrases that make you feel better to the people affected. 7. Beat the habit of pointing out the mistakes of others the habit of pointing out the mistakes made by others without contributing anything to help them, ends up affecting our relationships with them and reaffirming the negative consequences that are generated from our mistakes. 8. Assume your responsibility if you are sincere and humbly be reasonably explain the reason for your performance wrong, the person affected will feel more relaxed and happy to listen. We must always deal with embarrassing situations with maturity and never react emotionally. To be silent hope that time passes and the person forget the offense, will be generated resentment. 9. Beat the blame Most times we feel guilty for having committed an error. After apologizing to the people involved, we must forgive ourselves. 10. Avoid thinking about what could you do first thing that comes to mind after making a mistake, is all that we could do about it. Sometimes you stand there, turning to all possibilities and feeling guilty or making another feel guilty, as if in this way could erase everything that happened. Just accept it and think about what you can do to fix it in the most efficient. PsicoAyuda Team.