The Tests

The use of tests must come associated to the job of others election techniques such as the dynamic of group, interviews, questionnaires, among others. However, as it affirms Pasquali (2005), the incredulity how much to the use of the tests in elections if summarize to the fact of the professionals not to really have knowledge on the area of the psychological evaluation, for not having instruments enough and the fact of the tests not to be able to predict the human behavior as a ready formula. Ahead of this, ' ' … the possibility to foresee the behavior human, in general way, is of 2 10%. Then so that to make tests? … ' ' (PASQUALI, 2005, P.

10). With this, it is inferred that if the tests cannot predict behavior, assist to analyze and to understand the behavior human that ' ' the physical factors and the factors are the junction of psychological factors associates espirituais' '. Soon, ' ' … the paper of the tests is to work one of these elements, psychological … ' ' (PASQUALI, 2005, p.10). Therefore, it does not want to say that it will go to accurately occur everything that psychologist affirms on any candidate how much to the result of the tests.

However, the tests evaluate a part of what it is the human behavior and ahead of what it is considered to evaluate, this is certainly sufficiently beneficial (PASQUALI, 2005). Tests are one technique that assists the selecting to trace a more necessary profile of the candidate, in way that does not have to be used friction people or to hinder acts of contract, therefore this believes that the same ones had been created to give to the definitive selecting information that can be more difficult to observe in function of the singularity of each citizen (CANSIAN, 2002). However, the author also points with respect to the increasing increase of others evaluation techniques and the disuse of the tests in staff election.