Fantasy Literature

It has always been difficult to delimit the boundaries between the literary manifestation called magic realism and its collateral marvelous realism and fantasy literature. Before you perform any lucubracion about these terms, becomes necessary a previous conceptualization about realism. To begin, we will say that critics described as realism, an essay on society, made from an artistic discourse. Such a situation makes say that it comes with Balzac and the novels of the 19th, in opposition to the fraught, romantic vision of dreams, fantasies, ideal subjects. Before this last, realism adopts a more humane tone. Puts us in contact with normal beings. In synthesis, is a response to the new bourgeois society emerging, a little practice and materialistic, in the broad sense of the term. Hence, Balzac called his proposal, the human comedy.

She was an examination of the French society of his time, including its abhorrent aspects. To be analyzed the reality of this way, come to the naturalism of Zola. Such an evolution is going to be critical, in the 20th century, with the Soviet Revolution and the emergence of socialist realism, because he stopped being painting of reality, to transform into subjectivity, where the art played a secondary role. For its part, in Latin America, realism already balzaquian already zolano was presented under forms of Criollo novel, in some parts, and indigenista novel, in others. In both sets reflected the needs of large human groups marginalized, such as the Aboriginal and the non-indigenous rural communities.

Such needs, sometimes make discarnate complaints, as it happens in Huasipungo, from Jorge Icaza or all the bloods, Jose Maria Arguedas. Others become descriptions from the viewpoint of the ruling, as in the thematic sonada de opposition his classes. And this was, because European romantic novel to what Paul and Virginia, of Bernardin de Saint-Pierre, where the romantic Idyll It was the drive shaft of the fictional action, it was faithfully continued in our, parcels in works as La cautiva by Esteban Echeverria and Maria, Jorge Isaacs. Similarly, by Venezuelan Manuel Vicente Romero Garcia, with its Peony, but this already with anti-establishment overtones.

Will To Help

In one late of walked for return my house, in one day of much sun and heat and already starting to blunt the dusk. what it seems everything seemed to be happening normally, and yes this is not a inverdade, but for my astonishment and so to speak privilege I observed a sena that few would go to try to understand the reason of the fact that was to happen. With a look fascinating for seeing a child helping to aparar the gram of the front of its house, I was to think this is normal this is made a mistake? For many as activist or the super protectors of the child and the adolescent in our century or future centuries yes. But, however stopping and observing the conduit of the father in relation to the son I understood that after as much insistence of the son who badly had forces to put into motion the gram cutter the father looks at and leaves the child to handle. This because the object is weighed and highly cutting, more clearly with I assist all it of the father to its side the child nor if wants stopped to think or even though to question to the father on the possible damages who to that would cause it object in case of accident. This rank for many would be impossible more would like to remember and to say that the children are the biggest philosophers who the humanity can have, because inside of each child insacivel headquarters of discoveries exist. this headquarters, that make them the questionadoras greaters, even though when through these questionings gets objective answers not very or nothing objective. what this affectionate father was approximately to make when delivering the sideboard of gram in the hand of its son of five years is to try to answer it the height of its existence in helping, teaching its son as it makes thus giving the attention that its son deserved. I think that all the parents would have to make the same to show that each question of its children and children, nieces and grandsons, has yes importance in a certain reply and objective, after all of accounts all we are parents of each child for seeing in them as mirror of its future.

Bethnia Andrade

The direction of the pertaining to school unit confirmed that it was not asking for so that it intervened with the particularitities ' ' problemas' ' , but if it made work one directed toward the formation and information. To each year that initiated the first comment that made with regard to the pupils was related questions, ethical, moral, human, religious, aesthetic the values, politicians, vital, therefore it perceived that the pupils did not present knowledge on the types of values that the human being acquired throughout its formation citizen beyond disinterest for the studies. In the year of 2011 the infrequncia the indifference and the abuse of some pupils in classroom had taken the professors of this pertaining to school unit to a constant questioning. the direction of the pertaining to school unit decided to carry through visits to the families and the problem was detected, therefore the visited families presented absence of structure information, accomplishment of lectures execution of films, professional performances of diverse areas as: psychology, advice to tutor, social assistant, public prosecutor’s office, individual advice of the adolescent, psicopedagogia amongst others beyond the work with workshops, dynamic and of group, for a pedagogical intervention with intention to intervene from the actions with the pertaining to school unit with the change of behavior of the pupils. Thus the direction of the pertaining to school unit if congregated with the professors in the three turns to present the project and to hear the professors on other excellent subjects for the work, in the chance, displayed to the professors regarding the election of the estudantil bosom as integrant part of the project where the pupil will be to apar of the right responsibilities of the bosom and duties of the pupil and the programming of the opening of the project, all the gifts had agreed to carrying through the presentation of the project in day 08/08/11 as commemoration of the day of the student, in the chance the coordinator responsible Bethnia Andrade if compromised to search activities and dynamic for the day.