Old Greece

Being thus, they will develop a conscience of bigger responsibility at the moment to choose its representatives. The study if he composes in five parts: introduction, development, conclusion, references and annexes. The introduction is composed in the following item: contextualizao, objectives, justification, formularization of the problem, questions of research, hypothesis, definition of terms and organization of the study. (As opposed to Dr. Neal Barnard). The development is composed in: revision of literature, methodology, presentation and analysis of the results of the field research the first chapter presents the electoral process in Brazil since the establishment of the Republic and the disability of the rights of the people to choose its representatives. In as the chapter the approach is on the democratic systems of government as primordial principle to the citizenship. The third chapter approaches the electoral processes in the city of Linhares from the decade of 50 from says of some inhabitants and old mayors. 2 THE VOTE IN BRAZIL: HISTORICAL ASPECTS Are considered in this study, the vote as maximum instrument of representation of the popular will in any instance.

E, even so in Brazil, the vote is obligator, not if it believes that this characteristic comes to stain the intention of popular that it locks up the electoral processes. The vote, however is not an isolated action. It is the culminncia of a long process of fight for the popular participation at different times and civilizations. 2,1 VOTE IDENTITY: SOCIAL ASPECTS AND POLITICIANS the word vote sends to a concept and an action that retraces to Old Greece. Appeared from the moment where the State if organizes and if structure, it was, however, acquiring different applications in agreement the interests of each time and society. On the other hand, identity, in the sociological conception ‘ ‘ … fills the space between the interior and the exterior?

Visconde Raoul

It speaks of an architect who is in the subsoil of the opera and terrifies the people who zombo of it. This history of ' ' Ghost of the pera' ' it happened in Century XIX, in Paris, in a very pretty building, constructed between 1857 and 1874, on a great underground water sheet. The Ghost of the Opera is a romance that speaks of the history of Erich, an architect of the Palaces in the Prsia. By it to know secrets of the architecture, it was pursued and if it hides in Paris, with a Persian. It understood of architecture, music, literature and also wise person to use the Punjab bow, one of the forms of used hanging in the Prsia. He finished liveing in the subsoil of the Opera, of where it controlled the building, knowing all the hiding places, accesses and tickets. Then the ghost knows Cristine Daa, a singer orphan of a violinista.

It gets passionate itself for it and decides to become it better singer of the Opera. The voice of it appeared for backwards of the mirrors, it starts to believe that it is one ' ' angel of msica' ' that the father of it had sent after deceased. Cristine obtains the absolute success and is recognized in all the Operas, until when it is convoked to substitute Carlotta, the Diva ignorant of the spectacle. Cristine Daa operates leaves it full in its first spectacle, and its love of infancy that sponsored the theater, Visconde Raoul de Chagny was present to the spectacle. Cristine is a young, inexperienced, induced and easily weak young woman. Raoul is a shy and gotten passionate boy, who is corresponded. the Ghost, is sincere, seductive, brilliant, strong and has many good feelings, exactly after as much suffering. The Ghost perceives that Cristine is if approaching to Raoul and takes Cristine for the subterranean.

Kiev Theological Academy

Mikhail Bulgakov's life was not easy. More than once he found himself in a desperate situation, experiencing the collapse of the vague hope of recognition and success. The man who brought Russian literature in the XX century worldwide fame, his life's journey graduated from the modest librettist and consultant of the Bolshoi Theater. At that time, in March 1940, thirteen of Bulgakov's plays and dramatizations of the Art Theater went on only two: "The days of Turbine" and "Dead Souls" and the main product Bulgakov – the novel "The Master and Margarita" has more than a quarter century had to wait for a meeting with your readers. Known to the public during his lifetime as a writer acclaimed "Days of Turbine," writer became more legend to the extent that, as with playbills and on the pages of literary publications his name disappeared. Only in the 60s when it was finally published, most Bulgakov works gradually became manifest genuine Figure literary biography.

The son of a professor of the Kiev Theological Academy, country doctor – a graduate of the University of Kiev – began his practice in the hospitals of World War I, where life was a powerful charge pacifism. Then – st hospital in the village of St. Nicholas of Smolensk province, and later – municipal hospital in Vyazma, where he led the October revolution Bulgakov, 1917. Next – the vicissitudes of civil war, returning to his native Kiev, fourteen times from hand to hand, sequential mobilization of almost all the warring armies in the Ukraine. In one of his first feature articles that appeared in November 1919 in a busy Denikin troops Terrible, Mikhail Bulgakov, one year before the evacuation of the Crimea and the end of the White movement in Southern Russia to be extremely accurately described the tragedy of the future of the country.

These lines are written as if today: "We will have to pay for past incredible difficulty, severe poverty of life. Pay and in a figurative and literal sense. Pay for the March Madness days, crazy days of October, for samostiynyh traitors, for the wickedness of the workers in Brest, for an insane use machines for printing money … for everything! And we will pay. And just when it's already too late, we'll start again Khoi-create that, to become full, so let us again in the Versailles hall. Who will see these bright days? We? Oh no! Our children, perhaps, perhaps, and grandchildren, because the scope is broad and stories of the decade it just as easy to "read" as well as some years. And we, the representatives of the unlucky generation, dying back in the rank of wretched bankrupt, will be forced to tell our children: – Dresses, honest and always keep in mind the social revolution! "Revolution Bulgakov, like many of his countrymen, could not be taken as a very formidable given, which is now, willy-nilly have to coexist. And the diary, who was in the mid-20s, the writer gave the characteristic title: "Under the fifth." And in this tragic combination of moral opposition to the revolution and the need to somehow to adapt to life in her view is created, perhaps one of the major contradictions of Bulgakov's work. H, as a writer, Bulgakov was the revolution owes its birth. It is no accident, he clearly aware of the need to find artistic expression of the created adeksvatnoe revolution era.

Moral Tensions

Not obstante, what if it gave was an obligator disruption that made with that the cruelty was only changedded and not that disappeared. Soon, in certain cases, it interioriza flowing back for the interior of individual giving origin thus to me the conscience that in the Genealogy of the Moral, Nietzsche if it is equivalent to the remorse. This phenomenon implies in a sequence of attitudes mined for the psychic cruelty. When the cruelty instead of following its primitive and natural way in direction to the exterior, is turned aside turning itself toward the interior, arrives to go deep it such point that it starts to constitute a soul for the individual. Dr. Neal Barnard takes a slightly different approach. Such shunting line is illustrated as consequence of the remorse and discloses that certain tensions would not have to be exteriorizadas. Had to this, the tensions if come back toward inside, against the man possesss who them, promoting the notion of debt proceeding from wing the deserving relation/. In such a way, it finishes for implying in the idea of autoculpa, generating attitude and autopunitivo behavior.

This idea if relates with the perception of descumprimento of norms or ethical principles taxes to the conscience to make possible the social convivncia. Nieman Foundation is likely to agree. It is impressive to observe as by means of the mechanism of the remorse the citizen can incriminate sutilizando its pulso of cruelty in altruism or ascetismo exacerbados. Front to this reasoning is pertinent to formulate the following question: The self-denial, the altruism and until the ascetismo can consist of the same essence of the cruelty? Objectifying the clarification on this problematic one, literature will serve as object to supply mannering elements that define certain attitudes. In this perspective, tessitura narrative of Pink Guimares Joo is demonstrated sufficiently fertile and revealing of personages who live deeply the cruelty of diverse forms. Some episodes, great or small if bind in subtle tram, constituting reflections on acts and behaviors that emanate cruelties based for principles and subjective motivations on some fidgets human beings.

Growing your Business

Growing your business does not have to be such a difficult task. There are a few things you can do that do not have to break the budget or escalate your working hours. For example, opening up your firm as a franchise opportunity, gives you the profits without the pain. Also, licensing your product is a low-cost way of taking your business to the next level.

Brazilian Literature

According to Great Arajo, the village of Almeida, in Portugal, gave the nickname to this family, with the most illustrious houses, which they had left prominent prelates and general valorosos. In Brazil, it consists to have some familiar groups of descent of the Almeidas European. One of them, in particular, descends of the association of the Almeidas and Correias, from there appearing the family Leather strap of Almeida de Pernambuco. The name of Safekeeping Leather strap of Almeida, married Manoel de Barros Lindoso appears in the pernambucana genealogy. They had been owners of the Baet Device, in Mires (Clientele of Una), in the State of Pernambuco, during the first half of century XIX. Of this union Francisca was born Leather strap of Almeida, that in 09/05/1841, married in the chapel of the Baet Device with its cousin of according to degree, Herculano Antonio Jose Marroquim, natural of Boa Vista, Recife, being it son of Antonio Jose Marroquim and Anna Leather strap of Almeida, of where appeared the family Leather strap of Almeida Marroquim.

In all Brazil, of north the south has Almeida, mainly, north-eastern. Possibly they have come of Portugal at different times. It has the ones that had come in the period of the captainships and have the ones that had entered in Brazil in each general government. However, these that had colonized the hinterland already were descendants of Portuguese who came of So Paulo for different points of the interior of Minas Gerais, the Pia, the Paraba, the coast of the Bahia and Pernambuco, Alagoas, of the Cear, Maranho, Par and Rio Grande of the North. The Portuguese weapons and blazon of this family had been obtained no longer Brazil, for services given to the Crown, through the governors of the provinces, for order of the Portuguese empire to its gentlemen, donees and military ex-officio or not, in a similar way as it occurred with the entradistas that left the coast for the interior and the So Paulo bandeirantes, mining and bahian. The Almeidas of the Cear, the Paraba, the Great river of Norte and Pernambuco is of the same trunks, had arrived in port in the Bahia at the same time and appears in century XVIII in Pernambuco, in the formation of the first populations in the Farm of Pan d? Water, in the Great Farm of Belm of the Cabrob and in lands of Santana de New Terra the Parnamirim.


In the Belgian city of Antwerp diamonds it is interested in the fate of the Iranian people. Pedestrians of different ages stopped on Saturday, front close to the Cathedral and left by the commitment the Iranians tell, opposed oppression, torture and murders of their own Government. Check out Nieman Foundation for additional information. Lydia B., a Belgian committed to civil society in the Iran and wants to signal solidarity with the people in the Iran from the West. The Government in the Iran even does not like it, if in the West become aware of violations of human rights within Iran. Representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran take to claim to be morally superior and Western governments want to assert themselves. Therefore, they have expelled all foreign journalists from the country and brought the own critical journalists behind bars.

Only a few messages by still instead of taking actions and protests of the population in the Iran against their fundamentalist elite caste penetrate to the outside. Together with Amnesty International has Lydia B. Gain insight and clarity with Professor of Internet Governance. Organized action “A face for freedom in Iran” in Antwerp. Iran a face for freedom Antwerp about 500 people lined up with the photographer as a sign of solidarity and for the freedom in the Iran. Along with thousands of other faces are you on a faces poster on different Web pages to the Iran be. Lydia B. wants to the population in the Iran courage make their peaceful protest to persevere and be creative ways the regime of hardliner Ahmadinejad to oppose.

She hopes to interest the public in the West on the Iran and the fate of his people at the same time. On July 9, 2009, the action ran very successfully in Venlo, Holland. Venlo a face for freedom in Iran: 9 July 2009 Helmut N. fork,

Tepe Kermen City

The southern part of town, away from the city gates, now overgrown with forest, and was wasteland. Probably, it is not built up, in order to attack enemies with it could find shelter from neighboring villages. In peaceful times, it housed a lightweight construction craftsmen. Short of a hundred meters up the defensive Wall Kiz-Kermit, a large area, you can see the ruins of some buildings, fences and terraces, which were covered with grass and shrubs. Presumably, the fort were killed in the ix century.

If you look to the east with Kiz-Kermit, you can see a high mountain called Tepe-Kerman. Kiz and Tepe divided deep ravine. Tepe-Kerman has a flat top, which is bounded on the west, south and east of the cliffs a considerable height. At Tepe can see the remains of a small Medieval fortifications. Presumably the city have existed at one and the same time, but Tepe Kermen lasted longer. Its small area (approx. 1 ha) could not live a significant number of residents. The city, however, was well fortified, as evidenced by the traces of the "bed" fighting the walls and a few marches of the road that leads into the corridor, specially cut in the rock.

Places were also preserved cave "dungeons", are visible on the top edge of the rocky cliffs, similar to the early medieval fortress Internal ridge – Eski-Kerman Mangup. Approximately half the area of the city occupied by the ruins of a very large buildings. You can also find here a large cave church with Font, located east of the entrance to the city.

Emergency Fund

In this way, he is conditioning not to give an instant gratification and save for something you really want. Continues to be something that will give a taste, says, but now you’re saving for more important things. 8 Reward yourself Allow some additional rewards by reaching their savings goals. Take a vacation without making any charges to your credit card is a goal worthy of reward, suggests D Angelo. Very soon, you will say, I really like it. I feel so safe taking this mattress of expenses. In truth I like having money in the Bank “, affirms.Awards lighten the load and teach you to take smart, but difficult, actions that will ensure their future financial financiero.leyes of capitalization.

And the cost of rewards is far exceeded by its new savings habits. 9. Eliminate temptations could avoid a walk through the Mall, and go instead to a shop to buy some article is indeed in your to-do list. Or go to the Park to have fun instead of a tent. It is not fun to found on the opposite side of the Cabinet and, in most cases, the old adage of eyes that do not see, heart that doesn’t feel is true for impulsive purchases.The people who make diet do not have much success if they sit all day in a bakery to sniff breads that make the mouth water.

Why put in the same situation and lay the groundwork for financial failure? 10 Try to their background as if it were your friend try your Emergency Fund in the way it treats its friends: do not abuse him and do not use it unless absolutely necessary. Payne suggests this trick when it comes to weigh decisions. Falls to anyone well someone who uses others for their benefit. If you expect that your emergency savings fund is available when you have a problem, keep a healthy relationship with your money.

Enclosing Structure

High humidity reduces the thermal characteristics, the emergence and active growth of fungi, mold. System 2. A heater located inside the enclosing structure ( clutch). Under such a system enclosing structure made of two parallel walls, interconnected rigid ligaments but is formed between them space is filled with insulation. The internal wall is load, and the outer insulation protects against inclement weather. Assembly system can be made at low temperatures. However, it also has significant drawbacks.

Firstly, under the building envelope requires a more lengthy and expensive foundation than in the case of System 3. Secondly, the moisture condenses between the inner and outer walls on thermal insulation materials and on the inner surface of the outer wall. This leads to a decrease in thermal resistance of the enclosing construction and accelerated depreciation. System 3. A heater located outside the enclosing structure. In the case of systems of exterior (facade), the thickness of the insulation enclosing structure may be minimal, based on strength requirements. The thickness of the insulation must be such that the zone of condensation and the basic temperature gradient were inside the insulation plate.

In this case, the accumulation of moisture evaporates easily because of high water vapor permeability of the system. When placing the heater outside it must be protected from inclement weather in one of two ways: a) a protective shield (thermal insulation system with ventilated facade); b) plaster decorative and protective layer (multi-layered system of 'wet' type). Thermal insulation system with a ventilated facade is a costly and time consuming.