But the happiness announced in the posmodernidad does not arrive and everything it saturates of advisors, of manuals of self-help, ingenuous utopias that grow in the middle of a progressive social descertificacin. And then the religious dogmas rearm and return to emerge like substitutes of the convictions left for the collective reason, that it is perceived buried between the pages of an unfinished history, because the old social conflict of classes, that one that inspired and animated to the excluded majorities, has become a global conflict that it tries to explain all the resistance. For more information see Kidney Foundation. The conflict in the societies depoliticized transmuting itself in a personal subject aupado after the victory of narcisista I. The unions, the social agencies of volunteers, agencies and the institutionalized groups of social pressure, have assumed a strategy of containment of the social conflict, less and less politicized and more armored in their reading and possible alternatives of real change of articles of incorporation. But the social malaise is transformed into a conflict that leaves victims.

Many wait in the long list of the centers of mental health, in the offices deprived of psychologists, in the social services or pure and hard unemployment. They are those that survive, the consumers of anti ansiolticos, that have somatizado the hardness of a life without networks of protection in the social fibromialgia of our days. And he is that the personal biographies have depoliticized, the suffering DES-has socialized itself and one has become an absolutely private problem, where psiquiatrizado the individual and asistencializado, are advised by social psychiatrists, judges and assistants, the professional triunvirato of the social containment that responds to the welfare sodomizacin of a new fight of classes: Between adapted submissive from the posmodernidad and those that no, acrtica reading where the social malaise loses political meaning and this one is standardized and it returns to the asset of a business association, now like private malaise arises. The privatization of the social conflict is determined by certain positions before the own conflict, that basically summarize the relational models with the own one to occur daily, its problems and the form to transfer responsibilities between historical-political subjects and the institutions.

Milton Saints

The workmanship of Milton Saints presents an important contribution in the studies of the Brazilian social reality, when analyzing the challenges of the citizenship ahead of the organization and production of the Brazilian space in the capitalist molds. Soon at the beginning, the author standes out that the material progress reached by the society established a economic rationality, being this rationality taken root in the culture modern and repassed to the countries for the market and the speech and state action, responsible for the creation and maintenance of an ideology of ' ' progresso' '. Ahead of this reality, Saints (1998) make a provoking questioning: ' ' It has citizens in this country? ' ' How it is the situation of the rights social politicians and in Brazil, under a economic model that becomes poor persons millions of people in favor of a presumption collective progress, but that it is in the hand of few? The said economy the rules and if becomes reference for the poor countries, that enter in the game in subordinate position. Such progress legitimated and is incorporated as ideology and modifies the citizenship meaning. More ahead, it affirms that the citizenship was and is a social learning, having passed for a process of construction throughout history. Taking in consideration the reality occidental person, everything initiated with the acquisition of the quality of citizen, as member of a State-Nation, occurred in the Europe in century XVII; after that, it came in century XIX the conquest of collective rights, as the right of the diligent classrooms to form association. In third place, they had no longer come the social rights conquered century XX, having as example the system of the Social welfare. Of this form, the meaning of citizen for the citizens and the society were not produizido in linear abrupt way and nor, but they had been gone and comings, slowly formed by means of history, of the social relations and if they give as conquests, as stages to be vanquished. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Nieman Foundation.


Any social, personal or institutional problems, first thing an American does is to see how you can solve it by itself. A Spanish, instead, the first thing that happens is that the Government resolve. Or the community. Or the Town Hall. For that I pay my taxes!, it is usually your final argument. And that which, unlike other countries, here there is an important tax evasion, there is 20% of underground economy and usual in any fudge is that you ask.

Incl. or Excl. VAT?. The recent earthquake in Japan offers the last evidence of the usual transfer of liability to the Government. The citizens of that country have assumed the devastating consequences of the disaster with stoic resignation without requiring anything to anyone.

In contrast, first thing they did our compatriots residing there was complaining about the Spanish Embassy, as if their scarce officials only had to keep an eye on them day and night. It is that, as recalled one diplomat over another event, when an automobile accident woke up in a remote hospital, first thing he did was criticize the Spanish consul wasn’t next to her bed. If anything, this time, our Government sent a costly plane which, to make matters worse, returned half empty. By this peculiar national idiosyncrasies, what happens: how is that with a 20% unemployment not out people on the street in Spain to find work?, I was wondering the other day a foreign friend. Well because here we do not want to work but grants, subsidies and other Levantine, he was my embarrassed answer.

Kash Flo

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David is friend of UNICEF for years and, whenever it can, it tries to make use in the different projects or shared in common campaigns that they start up. At the moment, very is satisfied with being able to participate in direct form in the campaign Dona a day against the infantile undernourishment. UNICEF, in collaboration with the social network Tuenti, has started up a contest in which, the 10 winners will have the opportunity to personally meet David Villa (), besides contributing your sand granite to fight the infantile undernourishment. If you want to compete, first you must do is unirte to the page premium of UNICEF in Tuenti. And, then, a photo of special raises for you who simbolize what donarias to improve the life of the children and children who undergo infantile undernourishment.

You must until next day 16 of February to send your photos. Besides participating in this contest, UNICEF also invites to you to donate a day of your life to prevent the chronic undernourishment that undergoes 200 million children in the world. That day is materialized with the shipment of a SMS whose total cost (1,20 ) will go destined to UNICEF. UNICEF will be able to finance the treatment of a DAY to a boy or girl with serious acute undernourishment (the total treatment to last of 4 to 6 weeks), only with this small contribution. You do not have to forget that 1,000 days exist, that go both from the pregnancy of the mother to years of life of the boy, whom can change its life. During those 1,000 days, UNICEF carries out an integral strategy to as much improve the nutritional state of the mothers, as of their children. We wait for your parcipacin because it is by a good cause! This news it you can find in blog david town

Plato Holistic

Before the limitations of both, since they have been insufficient for a satisfactory life for all the inhabitants of the planet, it emerges as a third way for this new century, the paradigm of holistic, which, under the assumption of all, integrate what salvageable of the above; It integrates it, but transcends it, adding the element of spirituality. BSA wanted to know more. In this context, appears the proposal of education holistic, not as something merely new; Perhaps with a history dating back to before Christ; already Plato spoke of educate for good. Merit now is that he is has developed a well structured and well supported, work with very solid foundations from the educational, the philosophical, scientific, the epistemological and, above all, the spiritual. All this support constitutes the content of the twelve books of Ramon Gallegos, and this work will include each one of these, trying to highlight the most relevant one. In this work of Ramon Gallegos, seems of utmost importance which gives through bases very solid, subject to all rigor and support that allow holistic education to resist all sorts of tests. I refer to the following: spiritual and cultural, educational, philosophical, epistemological, scientific basis. Throughout this work, will become allusion to these bases and the books that deals with regard to each one, recognizing that, regularly, in twelve books alludes to these bases, but that, in some part, it any more specifically. The CULTURAL BASE education holistic sits on a new culture. After more than three hundred years of living under the effects of the culture that built on the basis of prevailing paradigms above all of science and religion, whose effects on humanity and the nature we have plunged into an atmosphere of dissatisfaction, product of the predatory attitude seen in our world. By, fortune, under the influence of a new paradigm, the holistic paradigm, we are now facing a new culture, which promotes the development of a new consciousness: the global consciousness of all planetary and universal, with a sense of respect for all forms of life in general.

Major Errors In The Construction Of “wet” Facades

Do not place preconditions. These cause A complete collapse of the insulation systems. – Do not provide dense docking plate heater in their bonding to the base. Cracks and breaks in the outer layer of the system. – Lack of overlap between adjacent rolls of reinforcing mesh to create a protective reinforcing layer. – The appearance of vertical cracks in the facade.

– Lack of reinforcing bars or reinforcing grid-shaped cuts insulation boards in the corners of window and door openings. – The appearance of the facade at the corners of window and door openings of diagonal cracks. – Reinforcing mesh is laid directly on the insulating layer. – The web of cracks facade plane. – Improper application of the adhesive composition on the insulating plate. – The appearance of cracks on the outer finishing layer. – Failure to comply with the flatness of attaching insulation boards. – Unacceptable appearance facade, the appearance of linear and cross-bands on the facade.

– No caps on the ends parapet reflux or improperly executed flange. – Water entering the system and, consequently, the destruction of the protective reinforced and decorative layers in the ground of contiguity parapet ebbs. – Disc dowel protruding from the plane of the insulating layer. – High spots on the facade, an unacceptable appearance of the system. – Do not choose the right type plaster, which played the role of vapor barrier. – Peel the outer decorative layer. – No expansion joint in the insulation when it is present in the ground. – Massive vertical cracks facade. – Lack of “vandal” performance reinforced protective layer to a height of 2.5m. – Physical damage insulation systems. Not ensure adequate docking insulation boards when gluing on base, suture between the insulation boards are filled with adhesive solution. – The formation of thermal bridges and, consequently, fungal and mold damage the inner surface of the base, the emergence of ‘syndrome closed rooms. ” Tips for Client: criteria for selecting the contractor and the quality control methods facade work. The problem of facade insulation systems: achieving the optimum balance of moisture and temperature in areas with minimal costs for heating. White Bear feels great in cold conditions. The warm fur coat protects it from fierce frost and does not interfere with the skin to breathe. Nature itself tells us what system should be insulating facades. We can only realize the nature of the decision on the facades. For the first time confronted with the choice of contractor, the customer decides to challenge the choice based on the little-known criteria. In this case, there are no guarantees the right choice. Major errors in the construction of “wet” facades. Facade insulation system plaster-type comes into disrepair in the first two or three years of operation in the following circumstances: – wrong choice of type of insulation systems for a particular object – use non-system materials chosen to minimize the financial costs – the use of non-professional systems – absence of competent technical solutions typical units insulation systems and design solutions to atypical sites and details of the facade on a specific project – a marriage when installing facade insulation systems – improperly Operating facade thermal insulation system by the customer.


In what locations to isolate the house? In order to become energy-efficient house, it should be properly insulated from foundation to roof, including the following areas: Attic (ceiling and wall); External walls; Floors above unheated garage; Foundations and basements. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Jennifer Aaker. The figure shows the parts of the house to be insulated. 1. Rough room attic: insulation between and over the beams overlap, in order to insulate the premises located below (adequately insulated attic, technical and storage spaces and other enclosed spaces shall be ventilated to prevent the formation of excessive moisture): 1a – doors / hatches to the attic, 2. Finished attic room (with dormer windows or without them) should be isolated: 2a – between the wall studs attic; 2b – between the uprights and between the rafters of the roof and external walls; 2c – ceilings with cold attic above them 2r – between the beams overlap to reduce the flow of air. 3. All exterior walls, including: 3a – walls between living spaces and unheated garages, storage rooms, sheds, etc. 3b – walls heated basements, full (outside or inside) 3B – plate in the ground.

4. Floors above cold spaces: pantries, unheated garages. Also, heat-insulated: 4a – part of the floor in a room, hang over the outer wall; 4b – walls of an unventilated basement underground (as opposed to floor insulation); 4c – the extension of thermal insulation in the floors, to reduce the flow of air. Fencing design house – the first and most effective line of defense against loss of heat energy.


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Joo Landmarks

This made with that the waters of Pira was directed for the tunnel of Tcos, with 8.5 kilometers of length. According to Luis Ascendino Dantas the Light, ' ' for a reason or purpose indenizao, paid to the state the amount of a thousand stories of kings, being the half in money and to another half in policies of the Popular Loan of the State of Rio De Janeiro ' ' . However, according to Dantas, ' ' cities affected for these workmanships, that were Joo Landmarks, River Claro and Pira, had not had any compensation financeira' '. The barrage of Tocos is in the region of River Clearly and the water was deviated for the tunnel for the stream bed of the old Tocos stream, in this city, until the city of Is Joo Landmarks. The GUAS OF DAM IF APRXIMA OF the CITY With the arrival of the company the upheavals to the marcossense population, therefore, to feed such plant were dammed and deviated the course of diverse rivers, as the River Pira and the Lages, forming the Dam Brook of the Lages.

To the few, even so in a relatively fast process, waters of dam had been if approached of They are Joo Landmarks and the destruction started to be felt for that they lived next to waters. Many agriculturists had lost its lands, its plantations with floodings caused for the advance of the dam. Thus the new guest of the region, the Light, started to be seen of another form, therefore, although to have benefited the city with the installation of the electric energy and with the available jobs, its action had started to harm Is Joo Landmarks and the rumors of the true intention of the company to circulate had passed it for the city. Over 1909 return, with the increase of subject to flooding and the insufficient conservation of the dam, the malaria if spread causing an epidemic that led resulted alarming for the city.