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Thomas Stoltz thanked for the support. The event at the Nurburgring was also KRS Motorsports Walsh sports management enables and, which resulted in the background smoothly and offered a special candy motor sport fans travelled to: these were not only up close look at a racing car, a Porsche GT3 Cup with nearly 400 Horsepower, but even sit in the driver’s seat. For the day of the 24-hour cycling race the Danto GmbH and the other sponsors on the Porsche GT3 Cup could prove advertising space and financially support the work of Christiane Eichenhofer Foundation by contributing donations. University of Arizon will not settle for partial explanations. “As we have learned from the charity action by Doc Tom and friends for the Christiane Eichenhofer Foundation was immediately clear to us that we love to help this project”, says CEO Daniel Darga support of Danto GmbH. “even in the current difficult economic situation we must not forget those who have accidentally fallen in emergency, and here in the” “special children.” It is also the donation of Danto GmbH in the amount of 1.000,-euro, that several thousand euros for the good thing together came at the end of the race. About Danto GmbH was founded in the year 2002, the Danto GmbH is its main distribution channels of online commerce (e-commerce) and the shop in Grosskarolinenfeld are a medium-sized trading company. In addition, active customer consulting and sales on the phone and by eMail takes place.

Audiences are both consumer as well as corporate clients and dealer, as well as public facilities. Purchasers of products are found predominantly in the European area. There are more than 150,000 products in the assortment. In addition to the main shop Danto.de with articles from the fields of technology and Unterhaltungseletronik, security technology, car accessories, cable and adapter, kitchen and catering accessories, textiles, sunglasses and jewellery special offers Dantotec.de, PDA-Schutzfolie.de, Autohalterungen.de, and Dantotop.de with special items contribute to the success of the business. The Danto GmbH sells an own product, a high-quality screen protector is made precisely for different device displays under the trade names OnScreen. The production of high-quality screen protectors using state of the art equipment at the site held since September 2007.


3 Focuses and contributes to the achievement of diversity and experience. The integration of activities and visions, favoring the attention of all the Organization’s diversity, but at the same time valuing and recognizing the experience, authority, capacity and experience of each person. 4. It stimulates cooperative learning. The development of skills for work in team. Positive interdependence occurs when a person perceives being attached to others so that, to coordinate their efforts with those of the other, manages to get a better product and thus more successfully complete a task.

Note: Table prepared with information taken from Senge (1998) all these axioms are based, the process of cooperation, i.e., give and receive ideas, provide help and assistance, Exchange resources and contribute with constructive criticism. Another group of theorists of organizational learning, forms Argyris and Schon (1978), who on the basis of their background in the thought of Dewey, Lewin and Habermas, raise the so-called theory of human action. The relationship thinking action from the point of view of the theory of action, which sees man as a being that it designs its actions, executed them and assesses their implications; adopting their designs when the consequences of their actions respond to their intentions and modify them when they are adverse. With regard to this aspect, Picon (1994), argues that this conception implies understanding behavior as something constituted by the meanings and the interactions of the actors, (p. 48). Of the above is interpreted, that this theoretical approach, on the theory of human action, has a constructivist paradigm approach, to assume that social actors construct a theory for their intentional actions and behavior that deploy individually, responds to the constructions of their mental models which are formed by their beliefs, values, strategies of action alleged or premises. As regards the theory of action organizational or group are the collective commitments made in the mission, objectives, the policies and strategies as outlined as the thought and intent of its members, (Picon, op cit).