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To avoid this dispersion of energies you must find what is truly important to you at this time, make a list of priorities in your life, and assign them the amount of time and care they need according to their level of importance. Hear from experts in the field like NHCC for a more varied view. Today I want to leave you some advice born of my own experience so you can decide which is what really matters and how to avoid the anxiety that produces be dividing your energies effectively just keep in mind that you can always retrace your steps. What you choose to do today is not forbidden forever in your life, can go back to it when you choose. Each experience or project in your life has a level of importance according to the moment in which you can choose. Check out The Coca Cola Foundation for additional information. Enjoy the path that you have chosen and keep in mind that you must put everything it to get to an ending that you meet. All the goals you want to achieve, you will get them when the time is opportune. It is likely at this time of your life not reach them simply because you choose other objectives as priorities to these. Keep in mind that all the goals you reach and all the obstacles and failures that you have on the way to achieve your goals, will stop you teaching, which will achieve other goals is easier thanks to the wisdom that you’ve acquired.

Defines what you want in all the areas of your life and establishes an order of priorities by importance and begins with what you consider that it is more necessary now. Many objectives require that other goals are met before being able to achieve them, do not forget. This sense of importance you yourself must give it, does not depend on anyone’s: society, your parents or your friends; It depends only on you. Do the same with the small day to day tasks. It differs importantly from the urgent. These are just some of the tips that I can give you for those moments in which you feel that anxiety and stress are taking control of your life and removing you from your path. Always remember that the road to a better tomorrow can only be achieved when the goals that you raise are genuine (born in your heart) and that giving your best to the world can create something bigger for you and people that you have to your around. Don’t forget to ask you this question when you feel anxious and stressed what is the most important thing for me at this time? Well dear reader, tell me how has impacted it this article? I hope your valuable opinion on!

United Nations

Beyond the consecration of international the enviromental law, the Declaration reaffirms the resultant document of the Conference of United Nations on the Human Environment, adopted in Estocolmo in 16 of June of 1972, as well as, the definitive option, for the beginning of the established sustainable development in 1988 for intermediary of the Report of the World-wide Commission on the Environment and Development, Our Common Future. ' ' Currently the application and instrumentation of the politics public do not favor the incorporation of the ambient support, to the process of exploration of resources and the occupation of espao' ' (Cavalcanti et al., 2002, P. 45). The speech around ' ' sustentvel' ' , it searchs to reconcile the contradictory points of the desenvolvimentista argument, that is, the environment and the economic growth. This ideological mechanism means, not only a return of the rationality in the economy, but also the announcement of a growth in the same one, as a process really supported. STEM Scholarship oftentimes addresses this issue. When one becomes related tourist activity, environment and ambient support, the geographic landscape and the planning of its rational use will have to consist in the base of any type of tourism that if it projects.

In reason of this, they will have perfectly to be understood, to be analyzed and to be interpreted all the pertinent questions to this association. According to Wheat (2001, P. 13) ' ' the necessary to be planned, sustainable tourism and to restrain the discrepancies sociais' '. Pearce & Butler (2002, P. 87/88) affirms that: In the tourist context, however, we can use ' ' planning and development integrado' ' as the process to introduce the tourism in a form area that it if mescle with the existing elements already. She is implicit here that such introduction and mixture if make in harmonious and adequate way, so that from there results an acceptable and functionally ideal community, in ecological terms as in such a way human.