Fly The MiG 29 To Break Through Last Chance To The Supersonic Fighter Jet

After the grounding of the Concorde and the end of Thunder city the Russian MiG jets are the last remaining opportunity for civilians to fly supersonic. Fly a fighter jet in Russia is currently the only way for civilians to break through the sound barrier. In view of the improved economic situation and the renovated State budget, it is questionable how long the Kremlin still allows for these flights. Because after all, you can not any fighter jet, but the MiG 29 flying, the current backbone of the Russian air force. There are signals that the Russian fighter jet flights soon be adjusted so that would for the first time since 1976 No supersonic flights for civilians begin commissioning of the Concorde more possible at least up to the suborbital flights of various space agencies in the next few years. Wendy Howard: the source for more info.

Soviet fighter jets: first flights can be listen on the West the MiG 29 Fulcrum was feared during the cold war by the West after the maiden flight of MiG 29 Fulcrum in the Soviet Union by the former Mikoyan Gurevich MiG “Chief test pilot Alexander Fedotow was done. The MiG was 29 Fulcrum developed around the U.S. fighter jets of the then latest generation, such as General Dynamics F 16 to oppose an equal fighter Fighting Falcon. At the same time the Sukhoi Su developed 27 flanker to the McDonnell Douglas F 15 Eagle (1997 Boeing F-15 Eagle) to oppose an equal air superiority fighter. The Su-27 flanker is about 30% larger compared with the MiG 29 fulcrum. Both planes are aerodynamic masterpieces. So Western Airshow visitors were amazed not bad as the famous Cobra maneuver was shown them where the huge air-superiority fighter Su-27 flanker with the pitch of 110 to get. According to the inventor, the test pilot Viktor Pugachev, the maneuver is named Pugachev Cobra.

Top 10 Gift Ideas For Christmas – But Beware!

The online shop is known for outlandish and original Christmas gifts. Here the top 10 gift ideas for Christmas. Only for people with humor, but all small things that must fit together are what just makes Christmas. The right Christmas ornaments, Christmas food, a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, Christmas gifts, family, friends and maybe even snow? On the latter, we have unfortunately no influence, but the question for the right Christmas gifts, the gift shop can us help give his gift ideas for Christmas. TCCF may help you with your research. For women with style, but still somehow getting cold feet! Gift ideas for Christmas for women: Slippies boots: cosy slippers with high leg and flaxseed filling, you just put 90 seconds in the microwave, to that then your doomed feet to warm up. Slippies boots save up to two hours of heat.

For the man who has everything but wants still more! Gift ideas for Christmas for men: Kodak mini video camera: so small, practical and hard wearing this video camera is that you everywhere can use it, where other cameras already fail! Shock-resistant, rugged and waterproof up to 3 meters deep. Spy pen: The practical tools for secret agents! Just normal PIN in the breast pocket and turn on the camera with a discreet hand movement. Speaking candidly David Boreanaz told us the story. Exclusive Christmas gifts for customers who value it really are! Gift ideas for Christmas for customers: ISIS: perhaps the trickiest patience game in the world! ISIS is a hand-made ball of extremely high quality, consists of several layers, and is decorated with hard to incipient hieroglyphics. Open and get a reward! Patience games made of wood: twelve handmade puzzles made of wood in an exclusive box. “With one between genius” and pea brain “varying degree of difficulty this little box of pleasure hours at the wrinkle, puzzles, and to the hair tearing. Don’t break the bottle: If you give away the next time a bottle of wine, only lock them with this patience game of wood and strings! Society as a whole will then watch eagerly as the hosts desperately trying to free the precious drops.

Play, Romp And Optimally Promote

Winnetoo game Tower – playful optimally supported in General never really stop people to learn and just children need any support that you give them as a parent it can be. Important areas of learning are covered basically by kindergarten and school. Where it is of course always support as parents and his best is as far as possible to help the children learn. Funding is always good. More information is housed here: Benjamin Cavell. But it should be basically in an area, fun and not overwhelmed, creating perhaps a good balance to the school obligations of children. Especially when it comes to create plenty of exercise in the fresh air, there are not the schools, which in principle a little influence. You can ensure it far better than parents.

Game devices can offer a very good incentive to do so, can be in the garden. Because such devices make it easy to tempt even the staunchest couch potato before the door. In selecting the appropriate The choice is often on the Winnetoo game Tower, devices. – And this is also for good reason. If you are not convinced, visit Marcos Ferraez. A Playset is a combination of different playground equipment, which of course also all make a different claim, when it comes to promoting motor skills and provide physical activity. The advantage of the Winnetoo game Tower here is also that he is individually erect – and removable and can thus basically be adapted to the needs of different children. Also, promote imagination and creativity through free play, is here not to be by the hand. And that is just as important for optimal development. Contact: WTA Weber Verwaltungs GmbH Joachim Weber Sachsenhausen 17a 36124 Eichenzell Germany phone: (06659) 618322 email: homepage:

Foreign Languages

Distance learning – is learning at a distance, that is, the student is separated from the training distance. In the practice of teaching foreign languages, it is not used as widely as in other areas. There are correspondence courses foreign language teaching, there were also educational television and radio programs for those wishing to learn a foreign language. Language as the faculties and universities were limited evening classes, as taught practical Languages in occasional meetings with the teacher – it is almost hopeless. Therefore, for a long time, were searching for ways to improve learning at a distance. In addition to print funds for these purposes is widely used features TV, video, and in recent years-CD-ROM. The fact is that without systematic feedback from a qualified teacher of such courses, usually doomed to failure, despite various attempts to give them the elements of entertaining and communicative. To deepen your understanding David Boreanaz is the source.

In recent years, universities in different countries drew attention to the fact that there is a possibility use of computer telecommunications technology for distance learning – distance learning foreign languages. Unlike other forms of distance learning, computer-based training telecommunications make it possible to: – rapid transmission of any information on distance – keeping this information in memory for the desired time, its editing, etc. – Interactivity via a specially created for the purpose of multimedia information and immediate feedback with the instructor and other participants of the training course – access to various information sources, including remote and distributed databases, numerous conferences around the world via the Internet.

Publication Date View

Google – the analysis of activity. Part 2 In continuation of his first article "Google – the analysis of activity", he decided to write another article on innovation and development of the company. Because in recent months there have been many, small but significant and noticeable changes. If you would like to know more then you should visit Benjamin Cavell. One such significant event is the creation of Google's new programming language – Go. It has been written to the server's website It is intended that language in the first place – for system programming. However, it should be noted that Go is still in testing mode is available nowhere else. Its use and the active dissemination will depend on the policies of Google.

So far, I remind you, Go – an experimental programming language. The following changes were made online – translation, Google Translate. Now, translation is not limited to the web – pages or texts. It is now possible to transfer already entire documents. Moreover, the translation can be done without pressing the button, simply enter a word or address. Added Google Translate and transliteration feature that allows you to check the correct spelling of words in the English language. In addition, the added function of sound English words, so far, but only the English, for those who doubt the correct pronunciation of a word.

That's how the word looks like Google: Arabic – on Chinese – Japanese – Continuing the theme of new developments Google, you can not ignore the modified search algorithm at the pictures – Google Image Swirl. Now in the search results Google Image Swirl issues thematically interconnected clusters. By clicking on the selected image, for it formed a cluster which includes all thematically similar images. This algorithm is performed on these images to the meta tags, descriptions and titles that allows you to select all the similar pictures and place them in a single cluster. Image database is not that big, but this "reasonable" search should quickly gain your visitors. Google does not stop there and seems to be decided completely redraw the entire visible part of the search results. This is evidenced by the emergence of new "search options". They include the ability to configure and control the issuance of a search, and, it would be all right on page of search results. Now search options include the ability to control the issuance of the results by filtering them according to different parameters. This can be sorted by: Tipu source Publication Date View only already viewed pages search news and blog posts on search, published in the last minute with the introduction of each of these filtering options, search the Google search engine became more and more manageable, and, therefore, useful for the visitor. Because now he could not spend time watching the "extra" for his message. All these things I described, make you think, how will it be: a new generation of search engines. If before delivery was unmanageable, but now Google gives us more and more new models of "smart" search engine. Total time taken to search for necessary information, it becomes smaller, the search issue – more "Useful" to the user. All this shows serious intentions of Google to make its search engine the most popular. However, this Google already has all the prerequisites.

Redundant Power Systems

The standard solution when a problem providing backup power of any object is a diesel power plant. What do you do if the on-site diesel power plant is not possible? There is no playground, no place to install, etc. There is a solution – is to install backup power inverter system. In this system, two main components. The first is the inverter, the second is a set batteries.

Inverter or converter in other words, provides consumers with power, which vyrabatavetsya due to the energy of batteries (battery). on the issue. The composition may include an inverter automatic switch between AC mode and on battery. In this switch to on-battery failure occurs when the main power supply. Moreover such a device may contain embedded charger which monitors the battery and with an external power supply provides a battery charge. Inverter systems are autonomous and operate in automatic mode. Periodic intervals service can be quite lengthy. Advantages of the inverter system of 5-10kW in the room before installing a diesel power plant of the same capacity with a 5-10kW and heating system, automatic engine: less installation cost, no need to work on the organization of general ventilation and exhaust systems lack the cost of sound insulation (noise level of the two fans inverters) absence need to switch inputs AVRE cost about 1000u.e., inverter system includes a static switch that performs this funktsiyunet need for periodic testing zapuskovotsutstvuet periodic inverter system maintenance (oil changes, filters, fuel refilling) periodic maintenance inverter system power consumption of cheaper own inverter system is comparable to the power consumption of the system generatoramenshaya heating area in the room for the inverter sistemyvlozhenie funds in the battery is commensurate with the cost of servicing the generator: the replacement of coolant, oil, diesel toplivo.Invertornaya system allows the use of additional energy sources: wind generator and or photovoltaic modules. At the same time, the combined system using the inverter system stand-alone power and can achieve fuel economy and engine life of the generator due to the parallel load-sharing, including compensation for power peaks.


Corporate training in recent years become increasingly relevant and popular, and it is not surprising, since these studies a positive impact on team unity and, consequently, on efficiency throughout the company. Corporate foreign language classes are killing two birds with one stone at a time, it is not only training on team building, but also an effective tool for the development of personal skills employees. English as the most international to date, has an unprecedented demand in the area of corporate learning foreign languages. Many international companies, as well as companies cooperating with foreign partners, are becoming regular audience of corporate English classes. This is indicative of the willingness of companies to support enterprise-wide level of English language as spoken, and formal, high level. And through lessons can enrich their vocabulary and learn about the latest linguistic changes. Group lessons in language often used to improve intra-corporate climate of the company. In the classroom staff are constantly discussing various topics in English, which strengthen and deepen the interpersonal contacts, which implies the formation of more informal ties. And as you know, a warm friendly climate in the company provides loyalty and staff motivation..

Elegant Hats

All modern hats are a history of genital hats called genins who coined the medieval French fashionista. It was believed that the greater the height of the genin, the more fashionable and beautiful. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Jason Kotowski. Several Centuries later it became fashionable to do high elaborate hairstyles and hats to these hairstyles bride was no longer wear. But women are, as always, have found a way not to give up a fashion accessory, they began to wear hats in their hands. On Today, to the external appearance of the bride already, do not impose such strict requirements as before. Benjamin Cavell shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. But .. despite the fact that many brides prefer, as a hat for a wedding, a traditional veil or tiara, some particularly imaginative girl, still paid tribute to her hat as a wedding accessory. What to consider when selecting wedding hats? First of all, this is definitely its shape and color.

But it would be great mistake not to consider in this style of wedding dresses and bridal age. The older the bride, the more modest cap should look like. If a girl does not differ a great height, it should pick up a high hat, a tall and slender brides need to pay attention to the low flat hat with wide brim. In the pug-nosed spout – Choose a hat like "hood". If a girl's broad face, a hat with a turned-up fields, to help visually lengthen it, and Conversely, the broad flat hat suit brides with a thin elongated face. For the ladies, with impressive striking features – raised on one side of the field cap. Remember, wedding hats look as perfect accessory to a direct or slinky wedding gown, and with the wedding and evening suits.

Psychological Interview

While technique, the interview has its empirical prpriosprocedimentos through which it is not only extended and if it verifies, but, also, simultaneously, it absorbs the available scientific knowledge. The interviewer, in its paper of technician, do not have exporsuas reactions and nor its history of life. The interviewed one must be received with cordialidade, and not deformed efusiva. The therapeutical relation must be faced with data of anliseda interview, not if it must act ahead of the rejection, envies or any outrosentimento of the customer. The attitudes of this do not have to be ' ' domadas' ' or overwhelmd, one is not about wanting to win and nor if to impose before the same.

Competeao interviewer to inquire as these attitudes functions and they affect as it. So that the instrument Psychological Interview, in fact, seefetive as to assist in the work of the psychologist, is not sufficient a suacompreenso or theoretical domain and technician whom practical its bases and guides, but also of experiences that they are acquired through period of training, supervision; seminaries and workshops. She is necessary to develop sensitivity to interview, to learn to be emptico, to know to deal with the proper subjectivity and asubjetividade of the other (customer), facilitating as soon as its universe, one tantolivre of ' ' ameaas' ' , if it discloses. The interview is initial or inside of the process it is oinstrumento through which customer and psychotherapist find one linguagemcomum, a common feeling and a common vision of the world. It does not aim at to change, to transform the customer, is, before, the customer if auto-disclosing, if reconhecendocomo person and if guiding in the direction of being and being in the world of a maneiraharmoniosa between its aspirations and its personal power. The necessary psychotherapist to acquire to the ability of ' ' dissociao instrumental' ' , and to be capable to adentrar this universe, without devalor judgment, without preconception, so that thus it can be with the customer, to know, to notemer, if to lose and if to find e, finally, to come back to the reality of the context. deposse of its luggage technique to weave its comments, balances econsideraes, in axiomatic way, considered that the utopia of neutralidadesempre will have to be pursued. The ethical principles will be avivados in cadaencontro, and no instrument will be able to acquire a sobreo conception of prevalence customer, who is more important and thus she must be respected. In this onslaught, it is basic that the professional se' ' conhea' ' , and that it makes of routine the reflections on its attitudes, position ecomportamento, as well as of that it also has flexibility in reformulating them, when necessary. Much of the work of the psychologist certainly comes emconseqncia of auto ' ' mergulho' ' that it will give the base to it in which if they apiam to the suaatuao and intervention with all transparency.

Folic Acid And Pregnancy

Women who want to get pregnant or are already there, they sure know: folic acid. You should watch basically on a sufficient supply of this vitamin the English doctor of Wiles discovered in 1941 the component (factor of Wiles”or vitamin M), that provides for the recovery of pregnant women with anaemia. A further research brought about the realization that this factor among others in the spinach and parsley contains is that it have been renamed in folic acid (from the Latin word “folium”-“leaf”). The benefits of folic acid are known for a long time. Nevertheless, the doctors urge the pregnant women, until recent years actively on breastfeeding and women intending to become pregnant for the additional intake of folic acid.

Folic acid does not accumulate in the human body can be and can be completed only by the supply of appropriate foods/supplements. The developing of brain of the fetus begins from the second week of pregnancy. In addition to the creation of cells of the nervous system of the fetus Folic acid at about 70 trillion cell replacement part of the mother. When sufficient folic acid supply is not given, the folic acid deficiency can lead to diet-related abnormalities of babies during this time. The intake of folic acid is particularly important in the period before pregnancy”, – says Reiner Christensen, Managing Director of mammoth Pharma ( For women who are unsure whether their need for folic acid during the fertility to the pregnancy alone through their diet cover, offering mammoth Pharma three products, alone on the need for and are tailored in pregnancy: Mammoth prenatal No. 1 is a product specially designed for women intending to become pregnant and pregnant until the end of the third month of pregnancy and contains high-dose folic acid for the double need at the beginning of pregnancy based mammoth No. 2 of pregnant women from the fourth month with folic acid and extra vitamin D and zinc mammoth without iodine designed especially for women, the such as suffering from a thyroid disorder and may therefore take extra iodine.