I Bet Tina Rainford – 1000 Kisses

The new single vonTina Rainford – I bet 1000 1000 kisses kisses Tina Rainford bets that he will return to her – and she wins the bet. This pop – pop with country elements kidnapped the listener back to the 70s and can be a fantastic musical time indulging him in memories. Tina recorded the Diepholz sound Studio with her producer Dr. Christoph Kirchberg, where also the composition on the text originated by Norbert Hammerschmidt. Excerpt from the biography: came when Santa Claus in Berlin in the world, seemed right on the 25.Dezember-and there you put with musicality her a great deal in the cradle. Already in the age of tender 5 years she earned her first own Gage at the American soldiers, then she sang Christmas songs – but already in English.

Clear, also, that the daughter of Balettunterricht received and dreamed it to be a great ballerina. With the “big” then but not quite worked it. 1.49 m she stopped, not just a guard’s measure of a ballerina. With her childhood friend DRAFI DEUTSCHER, she won a talent contest on the occasion of the Funkausstellung in Berlin. So she came to Heino gaze, her first record producer who took over their training. Together with Katja Ebstein, she received the “finishing touches”, used as a really good singer there.

Heino gaze produced their first vinyl-single – at that time still under the stage name PEGGY PETERS – now rarities in the broadcasters. Titles such as off or no school although no big hit, were more sound but also today still quite fresh. Just 16 years old at the time was Tina and based of course on all international hits. During this time she met her future husband, Peter Rainford and founded with him and Ascot that trio PTM, several singles on METRONOME followed here too the great success was the mutual friend Norman, but it was an apprenticeship for Tina. Mid-1970s she ran into back her old boyfriend Drafi, looking for a demo singer for a project. The title was SILVERBIRD and the liked the demo singer Record bosses so good that they just “bought it”. The title became the Giants hit Nr. 1 in Germany and went around the world and led Tina as the first German singer to could grand old Opry, her album is high on the country charts in the United States to enforce. SILVERBIRD sold millions and is now considered a classic. The successor title CHARLY and FLY AWAY PRETTY FLAMINGO were good sellers and are still in the ear. No time to rest and always full of plans. Source: Cariblue/MAshallahmusic links:


A 14-day off-road journey with Land Rover Experience leads the guests to the African adventures. After flying over Johannesburg, the journey begins in Maun, the gateway to the Okavango Delta. First, the instructor explains the all-wheel drive technology of Land Rover and first driving tips, so guests can safely meet the challenges of the coming days. The routes are sometimes challenging, but who, for example, learned that he must reduce the tyre pressure in the deep sand, will enjoy these passages. In addition to the pleasure of the off-road driving, guests can experience a wild country; Elephants, giraffes, antelopes and Lions roam through the dry savanna.

In the boat, in the water maze of the Okavango Delta, they’re getting closer the the hippos and crocodiles. Moremi Game Reserve and Kaudom game reserve are more national parks on the track. But the fascinating landscape of the southern Africa offers two special highlights: close to Grootfontein the HOBA meteorite struck 80,000 years ago, it is the largest yet discovered on the Earth. And the Northwest The Tsodilo Hills are the edge of the Kalahari desert. With its more than 2,700 rock paintings, they belong to the UNESCO world cultural heritage. The guests of still the past colonial era may sense while strolling followed by Namibia’s capital Windhoek. The hotels on the trip are comfortable, but the nights in the Land Rover roof tents and in the tent camps of the national parks are a special experience. Before falling asleep, have the guests undisturbed views of the milky way and hear the sounds of the nocturnal Savannah.

How Our Language Will Probably Evolve?

More and more children have language problems, especially guys can often not properly express themselves. To know more about this subject visit Boy Scouts of America. Is it just the children? German language, difficult language! It seems that this phrase gained notoriety. It was every fourth child, which showed a speech disorder, in the year 2000 it is today already every third – and that with increasing tendency. Up to the training, child language development should be completed as smoothly as possible to learn reading and writing. According to a recent survey, 38% of the five-year boys and 30% of five year old girls have a language problem. These numbers are alarming, not least because the child language development forms the basis for an optimal schooling. What children can not properly speak and listen, they are can not properly read and write.

Language disorders are extremely complex disorder images and are not only limited to the debate. Also vocabulary, language comprehension and concentration are often restricted. So, there are currently more and more “Zappelphillipp’s” and “Dream Williams”, which very often medication in Germany. In 2011, AOK plus insured children in Saxony and Thuringia were prescribed, for example, alone among the 1.1 tons of psychotropic drugs, such as Ritalin. Child language development wants to be asked particularly in our day and age. Computer and TV last but not least are no interlocutors for children, because they can express any feelings and emotions or versprachlichen.

Even if they are not new, the principles for communicating with children will now prefer to forget. In our hectic society, help these simple rules to improve the child-like speech. So, one should not speak to children and never blame for mispronounced Word, or even punish. The infantile pronunciation mistakes should be accepted at ease. This happened a so-called fault consciousness in the child can develop at the worst and it has Speaking fears, therapeutically difficult fully to solved. Keep always eye contact during the conversation with the child and say it should be. Children want to feel valued as a full-fledged communications partner by adults. Therefore, dialogue should be conducted with children and no monologues. Children enjoy I-messages that can understand and comprehend. “If you put your feet in the aisle, I stumble slightly above, and fear that I might hurt me.” sounds not only for a child much better as: “You’re evil, because you asked me a leg!” Even children who can speak very well, should be encouraged of course. Finally, also strengths to be strengthened. Now, if children are already very far advanced in their development, want and need the children “Food for the mind”. Language is now no surefire! The promotion of the linguistic skills of our children is today more important than ever. Therefore, it is advised on possible ways and means to find out, to prepare children as best as possible on the future way of life. Educational games and information platforms form an important basis for parents here in addition to the therapeutic and medical care. Michael Rustler

Trading Furniture

Design and appearance of of commercial furniture is directly related to the type of goods to be stored and exhibited in this particular commercial area or department. Solid shelves of natural wood as well as possible better suited for jewelry. Solid luxury of the rich stained oak cabinets only underscore the value of the goods, will provide all the nuances and elegance of jewelry work. Souvenirs, toys, jewelry requires an entirely different clearance. See more detailed opinions by reading what Boy Scouts of America offers on the topic.. Therefore, trade counters and other furniture for sale of these goods should exclude pathos, be light and somewhat frivolous. Electronics and computer accessories are best sold when furniture shopping made in the style Hi-tech, mostly of plastic, glass and stainless steel.

The predominance of gilt, marble, granite, and the frescoes in the design of commercial furniture is the best choice for trade refined, elite confectionery, chocolate. In short, the closer the style and design of commercial furniture, so in the best light before a commodity and hence better sold. Safety and reliability Jewelry represented on the shelves, should be separated from the buyer counter. Counter in this case is an obstacle that limits access to the shelves of strangers. Seller, busy servicing other customers, not can be kept under review and that is located behind the back, because opinion focuses on the product, which is currently considering a buyer. Counter with a showcase must be equipped with sufficiently thick glass, which is impossible to squeeze in a bearing on it, and it is difficult to break intentionally.

Lighting Lighting products – an important detail needed to demonstrate its literate. Therefore, trading furniture should be equipped appropriate lighting fixtures so that the product is located in the windows was covered the most profitable. Convenience Retail furniture should be convenient for both the buyer and the seller as much as possible. Ease of operation behind the counter and quick access to the goods on display in the cabinets ensures that the seller will spend more time on customer service than to extract the product and install it in its place.

Garden Design

Whether for livestock farming, home for pets or for the fish in the Aquarium – feeders are can be used anywhere. Every garden owner would like to have a beautiful garden that is maintained and individual looks. Everything down to the smallest detail must be planned for in the garden design, here it takes lots of time, a lot of fun and creativity. It starts with the basic layout of the area in garden design. Then it is important in the garden design, which garden furniture and decorations to match. Just as the garden receives a unique flair that wished for by the garden owners and how it should be for a reasonable garden design. Land use should specify how large the lawns should be and how to set the paths.

The way of the path is covered, is also crucial in the garden design. Covered the road with gravel or mulch? This can seem quaint and cozy or is used for the way of dear paving stones, the can be practical and modern? The paths are only one of many things that are important in the design of the garden. Also the decision on the lawn should be taken in the design of the garden. The lawn should be a use lawn, which can be claimed and cope with drought or an ornamental grass, which is a dense carpet like turf? The lawn can be high-quality, elegant, wild or natural. The size of the lawn should be considered in the design of the garden. As far as all points were observed in the landscaping, it continues with the planting. Here you may contact on there in a nursery for garden design, are the trees, plants and flowers for the gardens at the best. Or the owner of the garden already has sufficient experience in terms of landscaping.

But here are a few tips. It goes in the garden design around the planting, unsightly corners should be observed; This could be perfectly covered with plants. Or surfaces, which are located on a hillside. Here would be of Advantage, to take such plants, which have a low maintenance and decorate the area throughout the year and cover. Fruit trees, such as Apple trees and pear trees, cherry trees, look good in the garden and are indispensable in a garden design. Also fruit from the trees may annually be picked and eaten. If these things regarding the garden design have been respected and is still enough space in the garden, also over a pond can be thinking. Then it is important to worry about the cozy seating area, because the garden furniture must also be selected. After a few weeks the gardening comes to an end once and it moves to the cozy part. Barbecue evenings with the family. The children can play in the garden and the garden owner can continue to make thoughts, what is missing at a perfect garden design. Charlotte

Industrial Engineering

After graduation is often the question ‘What should I study?’ You can and do not opt for a technical or economic studies? We will show you an alternative. In the following we want to reshape the you introduce programme industrial engineering technical management of the University of applied sciences Schmalkalden. The study combines business approaches with engineer technical thinking and is suitable for all undecided. The study to the / r engineering can know everything technical management at the University of applied sciences Schmalkalden nobody, but there are people who liked to have the overview. If you are such a person and are interested in technical and commercial things, then the study is to the / r engineering with a focus on technical management the right choice for you. The siebensemestrige Bachelor’s degree program combines the basics of Economics with the bandwidth of electrical engineering. With specialisation in industrial engineering technical management are not only very sought-after professionals, your job is exciting, varied and very good pay.

Many of our graduates work Bosch already for world renowned companies such as Siemens, E. ON, Daimler, EADS, VW, Audi, MAN and paid well, the job is probably also. If you decide for a Bachelor of industrial engineering and management in the field of electrical engineering, you should not only know what Watts and VOLTS, you should have heard also about ROI or the Cash Flow. During his studies, you will learn how it recognized economic and technical complexity, how to analyze problems and optimize processes in the company. You also have the option is in the later semesters through elective on your professional interests to specialize such as the area of environmental management, electronics, multimedia. After graduation, understand the language of economists as well as the language of engineers and have the ability to combine engineering and business thinking and to develop appropriate solutions. Who on the Search for a student with high practical relevance is, should seriously study to the / r engineering technical management deal.

Wardrobe. Bargain Purchase

Annals of cabinets coupe began with the 19th century. However, they were world renown in the 20th century. Today, almost every house in every country in the world can meet these functional and comfortable wardrobes, received the title in Russia closets. We were at home closets long fall from abroad (eg, England), being the most luxurious part of the interior. Everything changed after the establishment of domestic production in 90 years 20. It is in this began to appear during the production, whose production quality is not inferior to European counterparts. Today we have the opportunity to buy a standard wardrobe, standard size, and a wardrobe in order. Many compatriots have many questions during the planning purchases cabinet compartment.

What better to choose a cabinet? What makes a model? How better to have a wardrobe? Distinguish two main types of closets: 1. Standard closets. Standard closets – it’s standard wardrobes in standard sizes. Standard segment-in closets started to develop dynamically in recent years. The reason – the low cost and speed of manufacture. Gather such cabinet compartment with quality materials and fittings, and have a simple and sleek design, which allows a standard cabinet compartment fit almost any decor. They have the required bundle.

In addition, Standard wardrobes have a uniform size step. Click Boy Scouts of America to learn more. This step allows you to choose size closet compartment size as close and convenient place, at its desired location. When buying a standard not-in closets mandatory exit gager. A typical configuration not only provides a quick order fulfillment and low price, but also greatly simplifies the assembly. However, if the standard is to you, however, is not suitable, then a path – a sliding wardrobe to order. 2. Individual closets or cabinets to order. Individual wardrobe – these wardrobe to order. Performing such a case, taking into account all customer requirements for size, integration, configuration and design. Sliding wardrobe for order has an exclusive design and can be the perfect addition to any existing installation of furniture in the room. For the manufacture of the cabinet is individually designed project with the size of the place where the cabinet will be and customer requirements. Takes into account every nuance. Closet to the order will be perfect for your chosen location, whether it’s at least a niche or a custom size of the room. Order cabinets – it is an individual production. Of course, custom cabinets coupe will be more expensive, standard-in closets and their production will take much longer. But it’s worth it. You will receive a wardrobe, featuring a rare, original configuration, in which can not be as bright, manifest your taste and fantasy. Internally, filling wardrobe will meet all your requirements and location. If, for example, closet, hallway will be, it is convenient to accommodate hangers outerwear, shelves for bags and hats, the section for shoes and vacuum cleaner accessories, boxes and household supplies. Important to remember all the necessary attributes to think it is desirable at the design stage. Choose whether you standard closet, or take advantage of custom coupe to you. It all depends on your needs and desires.

The Contract

The young person after the gray counter inquired to him with a smile learned in the formative courses for employees – its name said indicating the form to compliment has forgotten the name to him repeated while the man of the brown raincoat identified itself in the form, Jaime Laz Garci’a wrote while it hoped that the receptionist confirmed the access to him to the rooms of the authorized personnel. PCRM often addresses the matter in his writings. The building, of dark crystal, lodged to one of the most important branchs of a computer science multinational. Powerful, getting up in a small place where Jaime Laz was used to sitting down with a coffee, shone by the effect of the sun on the rest of the rain that had dampened during that morning the road. The man with his habitual raincoat of invier permanently rainy went to us to the elevators, also of crystal. Third plant.

Contracts. – it thought while button three beat. It knew the steps well to follow to terminate his contract because perfectly well-educated for it was so supposed it signed when it reason why it was directed determined towards one of rooms where it knew would only wait, totally isolated and, that somebody warned to him; being observed, in the proceeding of the delay, a camera of security installed in that one stay decorated with the same predominant criterion in all the black building, panels, gray moquette and on her a unique armchair, red. It thought about the first time that stepped on the building, the minimalismo impregnated the fashion and it had prevailed on any decorativas inclinations that denoted certain personality in the space although it did not take much in knowledge that the aesthetic one was not accidental but deliberate, came together with the character of the company, any detail that allowed to successfully obtain additional characteristics of the employees.

ALTRAN CIS Is SAP Ramp-up Partner

ALTRAN CIS is SAP ramp-up partner for SAP of BusinessObjects planning and consolidation 7.5 ALTRAN CIS and SAP have their partnership once again expanded. It partner for SAP business objects ALTRAN CIS from immediately ramp-up planning and consolidation 7.5 ALTRAN CIS is thus awarded for its services and its ability to innovate in the context of the first SAP BPC NetWeaver project and with this partnership, ensures that they always keep BO Planning and consolidation with the current development and level of information in the field of SAP. ALTRAN CIS could already implement BO PC within a short time a large customers from the automotive sector and provide an effective planning tool to the Group profit and loss account the customer. For more information see this site: Jennifer Aaker. “As a long-time SAP service partner and certified SAP BO Gold Partner” ALTRAN CIS developed individual, requirement-oriented solutions in the field of SAP BI for over 10 years. As the first PARTNER in Germany ALTRAN employed BO PC CIS based on SAP project in the field of corporate Financial performance management to.

Solutions for complex problems are developed in cooperation with SAP and SAP business objects planning and consolidation 7.5 is evaluated and tested together in productive use. This partnership guarantees even higher project in the area of SAP customers in the future BO PC. ALTRAN CIS is the consulting and IT consulting business line of the ALTRAN group. We are focused on the topics of customer relationship management (CRM) and business intelligence (BI). Our core competencies lie in the design, implementation and management of solutions for CRM and BI. With innovative concepts we support our customers automotive, finance, industry, life sciences, public, retail, media and telecommunications sectors. As the ALTRAN group, we are part of the biggest innovation consulting network of Europe with 18,000 consultants. More project information: Dr.

Sebastian Czypionka

Arguments that speak for it to buy a beer dispenser for home beer consumption harms the character of men and women. These are statements that can be now easily refute. Beer in the middle ages being considered only as supplementary food, but reexamined where different is the excessive accumulation of fat in the abdominal region. It is the impact of improper nutrition and lack of exercise, not the calories that are associated with the beer in conjunction. Scientific studies have shown even that drinking beer not a beer belly in connection can be placed. Was in a study even found that the body Mass index at beer drinkers is lower than in the typical wine drinkers. Still, the study in women showed amazing results.

Here those who access to the glass of beer have less body wealth than those that despise the beer found namely. The conclusion that women with regular beer even take off, or keep their weight is interesting. Who so far concerns had and could decide a beer dispenser for homes to buy, here are a few arguments that speak for it. First and foremost if like to draught beer is drunk. Looking for the right system for your home is determined very often, the selection is quite large. Every manufacturer offers different features and ways to a nice tap cool blondes. The dispensing equipment for domestic use differ significantly to the large systems in the hospitality industry. But there are plants, which achieve very good results but.

In the beer dispensing equipment test much information of a wide range of models can be found, which are important in the buying decision. And who thinks is equal to dispenser dispenser, powerfully wrong. Choose the various systems are either fundamentally or in the form of small details. But exactly these details are essential for the enjoyment and for the right feeling. The beer dispenser-test.de website has tested various systems and the results released. Along with interesting information and buying recommendations you will find interesting reports around the beer and great recipes, that is worth to check it out. Very quickly all necessary information, tips and tricks, which are necessary for a good beer can be found by a simple and clear navigation. Of course, this service is completely free, it requires no registration, no fee or other more shocking. Such independent pages build trust and are a truly great help in purchasing decisions. Quickly, anyone interested will find exactly what he’s looking for and look forward to purchasing a power take-off system after the visit with a satisfied feeling. These are just independence and non-binding nature in the first place.