Bank Deposits

What could be better and most importantly more profitable than bank deposits or participation in investment projects, the so-called mutual funds, which in spite of the declared security guarantees deposits, yet not are current and do not yield any dividends. Maybe from the outside it looks as anti-advertising against the banking system, so it’s only because the way it is. Yes, I am opposed to the banking system, at least in its form in which it exists in our country and in our time, and that brings a profit for all except those people in who have invested their money in the bank or invest the fund. However, I understand those people who still put their money under brutally small percentage from which all take premium and it is necessary to pay income tax. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger will undoubtedly add to your understanding. These people just do not know the alternatives to invest their funds and are forced to use what is there. However, there another reason – it is fraud in the financial sector, many cheaters, but there are reliable people who work hard over the result and would be glad to draw from financial support under a reasonable and relatively high interest for their investors. Likewise, there are Internet projects that attract third-party tools to grow your business and are willing to pay 3% to 10% per month. In this environment, a lot of scams, but there are workers Projects with an honest execution of the contract. That’s probably all that I wanted to write. Add only one thing that the Internet may do business with a profit for themselves.