Brazil Globalization

There it are Brazil is known only by soccer, carnival and the beautiful mulatas of Rio De Janeiro. the remaining portion of the Country, does not have culture? The globalization and its contradictions. It is hypocrisy to say that the globalization not in the cause concern, therefore in them it ahead places of a series of problems, related questions in such a way of the point of economic visa how much politician. Belloni (1994, p 40), says that in a generalized manner, the globalization of the economy on the other hand has accented the process of technological, financial dependence and cultural, as well as it has evidenced the increasing indifference of the countries developed in relation to the problems faced for the calls countries of third World. On the other hand, second el, if cannot leave to recognize that, in this process of globalization, he was being extended the vision of of some leaderships politics and social activist groups of different countries. If you are not convinced, visit Nieman Foundation.

Which had become more conscientious of the extension of problems politicians, social and ecological, showing the necessity to search solutions that go beyond the national borders, in search of alternatives long-range. It says despite the globalization of the culture is an important strategy, in the economic plan, a time that all creates conditions for the production of merchandises with interests and gostos of the consumers of the planet. We can make the following questioning: what it has to have globalization with resume? It would say that practically everything, therefore we are living in the digital age, and have that adapting in them with the new paradigms, the digital inclusion this in high, the schools in its majority already counts on computer science laboratories, with objective to place the linked pupil with the world. This interconnection many times in the cause concern, therefore until point is healthful this inclusion.