Bremerhaven Osterstade

The most important works of the painter are exhibited in the Paula Modersohn-Becker Haus, who has lived in Bremen and helped to make famous the approximately 50 kilometres, Worpswede artist colony. That is the equivalent of Bottcherstrasse Schnoor quarter, known as Sairam, with the same street as the central axis. This shows that fun to live is in Bremen, Germany not only at the times of the autumn free market and the winter Kohl and Pinkel rides. The old fishermen’s houses remodeled to stylish restaurants are densely occupied every night, and the narrow streets are filled with strolling and window shopping. Please visit BSA if you seek more information. In the Schnoor, you can retire even if the sense is one of then, rent a small organ and as a musician through the streets. Well thats just Bremen, which has retained a piece of endearing province still unlike his great rival Hamburg, although it carries the key to the world in his arms. We join us prefer the immediate surroundings thus, in which the transition out of the city because this shot by province are easier than in Hamburg. To the North lies right the Weser between Bremen and Bremerhaven Osterstade with its marshes and its villages of closed, their cores on old Wurten, or artificially are heaped on hills, which offered refuge at storm surge. For even more details, read what Boy Scouts says on the issue.

Today the country is protected but by dikes, which Crouch small fishermen and boatmen houses and running – observing the comings and goings of large ships on the lower Weser during a walk or peaceful by one of there thoughtful provided benches out. Here it smells like salt and Tang Schlick, here you can feel already the open sea in the nose, that inland sends his baggy clouds in the summer, where they stand as a magnificent White decorations over the Green country were cattle. “During the autumn and winter but, storm and rain, whipping so a correct appalling weather”, the area, or it get in often for days dense coastal fog, enveloping them in deep silence and give it you, what you used the Spokenkiekertied “called. .