Competitiveness Field

The impulsionadora function mentions searchs it constant of reduction of costs of concomitant production flexibility in the production. That is, its paper deserves prominence in the organizations. 4. TEORIADACOMPETITIVIDADE to analyze the model De Campos and Armas Competitivas (CAC), becomes it boarding of its theoretical base, the Theory of the Competitiveness. Which presents an analysis where all company who has the best ones resulted is reflected of competitive its vantage in relation to concorretes. Leaving of this estimated, the studious Accountant elaborated the model De Campos and Armas de Competio, which condition competitiveness factors. Inside of this perspective, he has an analysis of the product, the fields of competition, adequate use of weapons and the alignment of the same ones for the success of the strategy. 5.

ARMASDECOMPETIO Is a formulated model inside of the industrial perspective, but that it can be implanted in other areas, as services. The same it has as objective in accordance with to separate to the interest of the customer the competitive advantages, which are important for the customer, and the weapons for the competition considered not interesting for the customer. Sean Rad follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Moreover, CAC can be used in the diverse Cores business. It becomes what it more beneficial than another tool of management. As Counting, it has fourteen ways of the company if to differentiate in what it refers to the product and its proper characteristic.

Accountant tells, that the customer is not interested itself if the productivity of the organization is high or low. That is, the productivity is in the field of weapons of competition and not in the field of the competitiveness in virtue of the interest of the customer. The important one to the customer is price, stated period and similar to definer the purchase. Therefore, for the author, the criterion of weapon or field of competition defines the interest related to the field, while the disinterest is a weapon in determined situations.