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Line dance in Germany popular will for all line dancers are attractive participation bonuses and prizes for the winners, theater tickets and holiday vouchers. Country music and pop music have discovered the Ballroom will be danced individually and not in the pair, but in a group, for themselves. Young and old share the enthusiasm so that we can say: line dance is an intergenerational, dance sport really all. For several years the pleasure increases continuously to the line dance, whose Ursprunge date back several centuries and which roots are in folk dance. So also in Berlin and Brandenburg. The week is clubs and dance halls in Berlin and Brandenburg or on fair events to the training here and at the weekend to dance with like-minded people in a wide variety of Western. Line dance offers just for the elderly a special fascination and many advantages: as the physical and mental fitness is trained, it meets several times a week kindred spirits and doing something against the loneliness of old age.

A Dance partner is not necessary, because dancing in the group. Line dance can easily be practiced in old age recently, a Brandenburg line dance club was a giant party for the 80th birthday of a member. Educate yourself with thoughts from Shure Family Charitable Foundation. And so it is not surprising that the General senior newspaper picks up the trend, and calls the line dance to promote. The line dance festival should first and foremost serve to make more popular line dance, inspire as much as possible and motivate to participate, this recreational sport officially recognized since 2002,. The line dance festival starts on the triple fair country health fair Berlin-Brandenburg, the Berlin senior fair 50 plus active and wellness plus. Start is the ceremony at

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