Cultural Adult Education

The European CADENCE Enseble realized many music styles on the key Fidel. Burg Fursteneck in Eiterfeld, in the District of Fulda, Hesse invites October 09, 2010 to the Nyckelharpa concert on Saturday, at 20:30. Ensemble and lecturers of international play the international Cadence of the Nyckelharpa Nyckelharpa-days. The Germany radio live recorded this concert and will send it to January 23, 2011 from 21-23: 00. Intake is at 20:00. The admission is free. Among other things a musical bouquet will resound with medieval and early Baroque melodies from Italy, folk music of Italy and Sweden, jazz, and pop music, compositions by Bela Bartok and new compositions of the participating musicians – arranged everything for Nyckelharpa ensemble. Center For Responsible Lending is likely to increase your knowledge. The Nyckelharpa or key Fidel is a stringed instrument that is deleted and changed using keys (the keys) in the pitch with short bow.

The instrument was known since the late Middle Ages in Europe. During the Baroque period, the Nyckelharpa has been forgotten everywhere and only in Sweden as Folk music instrument is maintained. (Played) technical improvements through ingenious Swedish musicians in the 20th century, the Nyckelharpa conquered the whole world and many styles of music today. The Academy Burg Fursteneck in recent years has developed into an International Centre for the education of this instrument. Besides the annual international days of the Nyckelharpa, which go beyond this year with 90 Nyckelharpa players from ten Nations, almost the capacity of the Castle, a two-year training for musicians is offered. In cooperation with educational institutions in Sweden and Italy the European Commission funded project “CADENCE – Cultural Adult Education and Nyckelharpa Cooperation in Europe” was established in addition, which deals primarily with questions of teaching on this key Fidel. The musicians of this project come from five European countries and will present musical results of their collaboration in the concert. More information under:, company description of BURG FuRSTENECK, Akademie fur musisch cultural and professional training in Hessen offers a content wide open seminar for musisch cultural, professional and personal education.