Dating PAIRfusioncom Moved – the single market for Germany, Austria and the Switzerland! In January 2008, the single market went at the start to become a successful single market in the German-speaking world. Although the first 3 months were not easy, the dating of since April 2008 very well in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland can claim. How many success stories already accurately resulting in this time, it cannot be said unfortunately. It is planned, however, that this there an own link on in future, to share with his success story to other members. Hanes Brands often addresses the matter in his writings. In the last 6 months, has always tried to appeal to a very broad audience. It was that emphasis, both to respond to the needs of young people as well as to the needs of older members. This is certainly a mystery why the single market has so far arrived so well in Austria, Germany and of Switzerland. In a question-answer forum Com Meals was the first to reply. Despite the great demand, the operator has become Dating to chosen membership up on also offered free of charge to the standard membership as well as the premium -.

The dating PAIRfusion is continually striving to respond to the wishes of its members and to develop further. Therefore, there is also the possibility for registered members to send suggestions for improvement to the operator. One will be from these renewals, that members will be also possible to make both photos and videos of themselves online. Also each Member is to apply as a “Single of day”. This has the advantage that his profile on the front page will appear, which you will of course also more easily found. The first balance sheet of the dating is very satisfactory. But everything will be done in the future, to provide members with an attractive single market. So register right on!