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Well, at least now we know who we believe to be really.If peace is really what we want, we must choose peace. If peace was more important for us than anything else and if knew of truth that we are spirit rather than a small I would not react but it will stay fully alert against difficult people or situations. We would immediately accept the situation and would do us one with her instead of separating us from it. Then, from the State of alert, would come the reaction. It would be a reaction from what we are (consciousness) and not of what we believe to be (small I). It would then be a powerful and effective response that would not make the person or the situation enemy.The world is always responsible for no mistake for a long time about what we think being, showing us the things that really matter to us.

The shape as we react to people and situations, especially in the difficult moments, is the best indicator of actual knowledge that we have of ourselves.While more limited and more egotistical is our idea of ourselves, we will pay more attention and more we reaccionaremos before the limitations of the ego, before others unconscious. Defects that we see in the others become, for us, its identity. That means that we will only see the ego in others, thereby reinforcing our. Instead of looking beyond ego of others, we fix our attention on him. Who sees the ego? Our ego.People who live in deep state of unconsciousness experience ego seeing his reflection in others. When we recognize that those things of others that produce us a reaction are also ours (and sometimes only our), comenbzamos to take conscience of our own ego. At that stage it is likely that also realize that did to each other what we thought they made us us. We no longer consider ourselves victims.Since we are not the ego, be aware of him does not mean that we know what we are: only recognize what we are not.

But it is thanks to that knowledge of which we aren’t we succeeded remove the biggest obstacle to get to really know us.No one can tell us who we are. It would just be another concept, unable to change us. A belief do not need to know what we are. Indeed, all beliefs are obstacles. We don’t even need to achieve realization, because we are what we are. But without our being not can project its luminosity on the world. It remains within the scope of the unmanifest, i.e. in our true home. Then we are as a person who pretends to be poor while you have one hundred million dollars in your account, with which the potential of his fortune never manifests itself.Published by Eliecer ADD to the / s 12.06 0 comments links to this Publicacionetiquetas: a new Earth (Echart Tolle) original author and source of the article