We cannot want these same economic systems in the current days where it exists an ambient urgency and a exploratria urgency of the nature not to supply the speculator expectations of the wealth and consumistas. The proper consumption is a process historically determined by the economic systems, what it leads in them to understand that this habit is conditional and can in agreement be molded with the historical situations. It does not only happen with sights to the maintenance of the environment due to responsibility and abilities of the economic agents and the complex of institutions. Capra (2007, Pp. 181-182) it understands that ' ' The economic systems are in continue change and evolution, depending on the equally changeable ecological and social systems where they are implantados.' ' In this manner who determines the economic systems is the society and the ecological moment, and not them economic systems that determine the society and the ecological moment, therefore if thus it was would not have economic system being that they alone exist for a necessity human being. It is inadmissible to understand the systems economic as independent elements of the existence human being, when they are dependents of the existence human being, that is, they serve to the human beings and not them human beings they as if the economic systems were deuses in olimpo playing with the existence of each mortal.

The human being she is the main social environment transforming agent of its, as well as the creator of this called phenomenon society. Phenomenon that in accordance with evolves the changes in its system of moral values, ethical and economic. Being the economic systems result of the applied will of the human being, them also will be reached by the evolution, thus when the society evolves with it the economic systems also evolves. Capra (2007, p.182) says that ' ' The evolution of a society, also the evolution of its economic system, is closely on the changes in the system of values that serves of base to all its manifestaes.' ' In this manner, the changes in the system of values are the base that will support the evolution of the society and of the economic system that it adopts as more adequate for its historical moment.