Behaviourism or psychology of the behavior was born with Watson, in the United States, the behavior English term means ‘ ‘ comportamento’ ‘ , this claimed the behavior as object of Psychology, a observvel, measurable object, whose experiments could be reproduced in different conditions and citizens. Watson defended a funcionalista perspective for Psychology, being that, the behavior would have to be studied as function of certain 0 variable of the way. ‘ ‘ Certain stimulatons take the organism to give definitive answers and this occurs because the organisms if adjust to its environments by means of hereditary equipment and for the formation of hbitos.’ ‘ (BOCK, 2003, P. 45). if affirm that the main predecessor of the program of Watson was to animal psychology, resultant of the evolucionista theory and that it led to the attempt of if demonstrating to the existence of the mind in the inferior organisms and the continuity between the animal mind and the human being.

It disciplines It to Etologia dedicated to the study of the animal behavior receives the name from Etologia, term that comes from the Greek thos (behavior, customs, behavior) and lgos (study, treated). From the development of the Etologia, some news you discipline if they had structuralized, as the Paleo-etologia human being, who tries to reconstruct the behavior of the fsseis homindeos. Another one of them is the Etoprimatologia (or Etologia de Primatas), dedicated to the study of the behavior of the current not human primates..