Explain Everything In As Much Detail As Possible

One should always try to explain the concept in more detail: It is the way conduct an organization-is the way business organizations conduct their work activities. From the values formed in the same: In this part we will not stop a moment to clarify the term values and the wrong people are familiar with this topic: DRAE mean values under 210. Fil. Quality that have some facts, which are considered assets, which are estimable. Have polarity values as positive or negative, and hierarchy in that they are superior or inferior. As can be seen in the concept Values are qualities that have and are estimated as goods and that these can be positive or negative.

A colleague at the University told me that there were no positive and negative values but values and bad values, that the former were the most esteemed as correct and the latter otherwise. Yet that majority is a relative term because if we look at the history Hitler got the atrocities committed by the empire he created is seen as positive by a large number of Germans not to say that for the majority. With this in mind we could perfectly assess racism in Nazi Germany, as a value and not as an anti-value. Obviously there is consistency between the term and the result. Boy Scouts contributes greatly to this topic. Now if we see it from the point of view of the negative and positive values we can say that the German Nazis effectively to racism and xenophobia was a value, even they could get to be welcomed but for the rest of the world was a negative value or anti-value. Therefore we define the personal values: Quality humans possess regarded by them as worthy and necessary and can be judged by others as positive or negative according to their interests. From this definition we have that in an organization can be a great diversity of personal values and they are the shared values of the organization and leaders who depend on the processing or formation of the desired values by the Organization for more efficient compliance and effective targeting of the same. For better understanding, in any organization in the world you want as shared values of honesty.