Familiar Constellations

One is about a therapeutical fenomenolgica boarding based on the discoveries of the German Bert Hellinger. Bert Hellinger is been born in 1925, Germany, and was formed in Philosophy, Teologia and Pedagogia. As member of an order of missionaries catholics, it studied, it lived and it worked during 16 years in the south of Africa, directing some schools of superior level. Later, it deepened its studies and research becoming psychoanalytic e, by means of the dynamics of Groups, of the Primal Therapy, the Transacional Analysis, diverse hipnoteraputicos methods and excessively techniques developed its proper Therapy Sistmica and Familiar which called: Familienaufstellung (respectively: ' ' Rank of the Famlia/de the Familiar' ' , translated it stops: Familiar constellations, in Brazil). The familiar constellation if bases on the use of neutral representatives to represent members of the family or social group of the customer and to work a specific subject brought by this last one. In the sistmica familiar therapy, it is treated to inquire if, in the extended familiar system somebody exists that is entangled in the destinations, choices, beliefs, of previous members of this family. This can be brought to the light by means of the work with the Familiar Constellations.

Bringing it light the emaranhamentos, the person obtains to become free itself more easily of them? it starts to have conscience of what she acts in its system and to have the option of the choice on its proper destination. She has a quiet and subtle dynamics acting on all familiar system, in its history, its events, its culture and proper language. Such dynamics acts all on and any system, and follows proper laws which Bert Hellinger observed in its fenomenolgico empirical work. Hellinger then differentiated and pointed the laws that act on the familiar system and world-wide initiated diverse reflections displayed in its diverse published books. When such dynamic laws are disobeyed, ignored or breached, they generate greater ' ' presso' ' , ' ' peso' ' , ' ' tenso' ' on the system, overloading relations of the internal members the same.