Germany Business

This applies particularly to entrepreneur. Because not help the rationality myths of controlling freaks and statistics possessed. You can explain things really only in hindsight. Their Predictor has the value of daily horoscopes”, criticized Nadolski. You could design new products, markets or trends on the drawing board.

Especially in turbulent times, Germany need create more entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, work and training places in future-oriented sectors of the economy and thus promote structural change, as Ohoven President of the Mittelstand. The entrepreneurial gap can only be closed when the diverse formation as quickly as possible and completely barriers and a wide wave of founder in the independent middle class is thrown. Compared with the OECD ranks the German Selbststandigenquote only in the midfield. The founding intensity due to the demographic change is even further in the coming years go back. More young people must be encouraged to take the step to independence”, calls Ohoven. While you should not only be left with the unavoidable risks. Innovative business ideas need to count more than the customary banking collaterals.

When the failure of a company, there must be the possibility of second chances. Germany needs a new culture of self-employment. The willingness of to entrepreneurial activity is present in the population, but the conditions must be such that the willingness is also determination”, the President of the Federation says SMEs. The core demands of the BVMW are therefore: spreading a positive image of entrepreneurs in society through targeted education at schools and universities; Construction of another economics departments with a focus on entrepreneurship at universities; Greater promotion of Start-Ups; Reduction and simplification of approval procedures; Setting up a single point of contact (one-stop-agency) in the municipalities; General tax exemption for business start-ups for the first three years; Expansion of self-help capital for business start-ups and greater transparency and goal orientation in promoting creation. When the boss Chanllenge competition the participants undergo a competence test since mid-March, you must edit online. Once a week, you are confronted in case studies with typical challenges for an entrepreneur. Value orientation, leadership, customer orientation and intelligence are at the heart of the tasks to be solved. The ten best then qualify to the second stage, a public competition on June 6, 2009, in Bavaria, Germany. There are tasks to intelligence, courage, team spirit and perseverance in the Centre. A prominent jury will evaluate the services. The ten participants qualify with their respective number of points for the third and crucial stage: the grand finale on September 12, 2009. The winner of the last sporting competition, a 10,000 euros as seed capital waving orienteering with further challenges, then for its independence and professional advice for entry into entrepreneurship.