High Speed Internet

HSDPA is available in more and more cities those who opt for a mobile data plan, should be in advance on some key points. There are important points to consider in terms of collective choice, as well as in the area of hardware. The easiest way is to inform on the Internet according to the different tariffs. Many vendors have focused on and offer comparisons for mobile data plans. Possibilities for the choice of a simple data tariff until down to the complete UMTS flat rate are given.

Especially a UMTS Flatrate can be worthwhile, because here in the month up to five gigabytes can be used on data. If this limit is exceeded, the supplier however decreases speed down on GPRS speed. This means that from this point can only with a maximum speed of 56 kbit / s Internet surfed are. The maximum possible UMTS speed is at least 384 kbit / s. thanks to various extensions can increase this speed all thing again.

The data Turbo HSDPA is responsible, that in the download a maximum speed of up to 7.2 Mbit / s can be achieved. The mobile carrier Vodafone already offers the possibility that can be riden with a maximum speed of up to 14.4 Mbit / s on the Internet in some cities. However, these high speeds are achieved only under optimal conditions. In the average can be calculated with a speed of 3.6 Mbit / s. To achieve this speed, is also important that the right hardware is purchased. Established here has the UMTS stick. However care must be taken, that a HSDPA stick is purchased. Because only with a HSDPA stick the above speed can be achieved. Meanwhile, each provider offers the appropriate HSDPA sticks on the Internet. Torsten Heinsius