Hospital Pharmacy

Management of the quality in Hospital Pharmacy the Hospital Pharmacy is an administrative and economic clinical unit, directed for pharmaceutical professional, on hierarchically to the direction of the hospital and integrated functionally with the too much units of assistance the patient. The Management in Hospital Pharmacy, of exclusive responsibility of the DRUGGIST, must be focada in giving pharmaceutical assistance. The hospital druggist is the responsible one for the activities of the pharmacy of a hospital. He has the basic functions to select (to standardize), to request, to receive, to store, to excuse (as the evolution of the system, in collective dose, individual or unitria) and to control medicines (in such a way the controlled ones for law, how much the antimicrobialses), observing the teachings of the farmacoeconomia, farmacovigilncia and of good practical of storage and the dispensao. For this the hospital pharmacy must establish in its organization practical managemental that leads the processes more insurances, with quality concepts, valuing the management of people and processes, taking care of to the norms and current law in the Country.

Auditorship and the management for the quality the auditorship, as tool of management for the quality in the health services, aims at to provide the auditado one and its manages of a chance of improvement of the processes under its responsibility. It has as objective: To determine the conformity of the elements of a system or service to the /normas/requisitos standards established by the organization, that is, to verify if the system is functioning in agreement the foreseen one. To observe if the normatizados processes has its obeyed procedures, to verify if the staff this adequately trained. To evaluate if not-conformity they are identified and corrected and if these corrections they occur with rapidity, effectiveness and efficiency of form to guarantee the fulfilment of the goals proposal for the organization. Process of auditorship In accordance with its objectives, the auditorship can be classified as: Countable: it can be defined as the survey, study and the systematic evaluation, with the objective to supply to its users an opinion impartial and based on norms and principles on its adequacy? Of management: evaluation of results and evidence of quality, played next to the managers of the SUS.