Humanitarian Foundation

The impression is of that it never if estressa. Ideal characteristics for the work that exerts have 25 years. Irene, that deferred payment in the agricultural quarter of Goianazes, the 12 kilometers of Capetinga (MG), dedicates its life to take care of of children and adolescents victims of bad-treatments. But it is not alone. ues this goal as well. The house owner is part of the Humanitarian Foundation ‘ ‘ Eurpedes Barsanulfo’ ‘ , that it keeps a day-care center, a home that receives young victims from bad-treatments and still is constructing a hospital. BSA has many thoughts on the issue.

The direction of the entity is formed by 45 people and 15 volunteers. The work of Irene still started in Ribeiro Preto, where it liveed. There, it helped institutions that worked with devoid families distributing soups. To if moving for Goianazes, in 1982, Irene did not obtain to be stop. ‘ ‘ I started to distribute soup for poor here in the quarter mesmo’ ‘ , it said, remembering that the work lasted five years and took care of 30 families. Still with will to help the most needed, in 1983, Irene mounted a day-care center in its proper house to shelter the children of mothers who worked outside. In the start, they were few. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger may find it difficult to be quoted properly. With the recognition of the neighbors, the number grew.

It arrived to take care of 50 children more than. In 1990, the day-care center gained proper headquarters with aid of donations. Today 30 children are taken care of. Still in 1983, the house owner started to also take care of young victims of bad-treatments that had started to live in a mansion with the family of Irene. ‘ ‘ As soon as I established the home, I received ten crianas’ ‘ , it said. Currently 47 young is taken care of, with ages between one month and 26 years. ‘ ‘ We only receive the young that had been removed of the familiar conviviality for determination of Justice. Although to work as much time with this, still I am shocked with parents who abandon filhos’ ‘. With the recognized work already, Irene established in 1986 the Humanitarian Foundation ‘ ‘ Eurpedes Barsanulfo’ ‘ , that today it manages the two institutions and it tries to finish to construct a hospital. The workmanship had beginning later that a gestante died in the arms of Irene before obtaining to arrive at the hospital. ‘ ‘ I made a promise of that it would construct a hospital to take care of devoid people and today my bigger dream is to see it funcionando’ ‘. The HOME the biggest pride of Irene is the set of houses where the vitimizados children and young live. They are four property that are in a mansion. Two are used as dormitory. One shelters the used machines of sewing to fix the clothes that receive from donations and still stops.