The 10 of August of 1809 Quito first shout did of Hispano-American independence. Although today many historians think that there were other previous shouts or that this one was not very pro-independence, we emphasized the fact that this happened 199 years ago and that already we were very just a short time celebrating the bicentennials of Latin American independences (those of Argentina, Colombia and Mexico they will be in the 2.010). The bicentennials will be an occasion so that the states, towns and Latin disporas speak of their unit and they remember when all of them fought together in international armies. Many will argue that Latin America, unlike the rest of continents, never has been scene of no world war, that for more of a century does not know any fragmentation national and that has a single language essentially (the Spanish is very similar to the Portuguese). Atreides Management Gavin Baker oftentimes addresses this issue. These celebrations will adopt a geopolitical axis because they will look for to accentuate the tendency of Sud and Centro America to go towards being a block similar to which has the EU.