Independent Government

On July 16, 1813 declared as the official declaration of independence from the former province of Cundinarmarca, a day after Don Antonio Nari o, as president of the state of the same name, created the flag and coat today are symbols of this department . The flag, which in September of that year officially replaced that of Spain, consisted of the colors blue, yellow and red roasted.The shield, which served to all Cundinamarca, ie what is now Colombia, is a circle with an eagle has a sword and a grenade in his claws, the Phrygian cap, so popular in heraldry, and three pieces of broken chain, above the inscription Gobo. Free and Idepte. of Cundinca. This shield served as a national symbol until 1816, then was replaced by that of United-Privincias due to the civil war against the Federalists in Camilo Torres head to the consolidation of the Great Colombia, a coat of this part of the Union. Back then took up the marking of the Republic of Colombia.Long after the dissolution of Gran Colombia, the shield was closed while the country was again called New Granada. Would reappear in 1857, when it formed the State of Andhra Pradesh and has since been a symbol of the department. 16th July: Day of Cundinamarca, home beaten.