Industrial Clerk: The ALLROUNDER – Experience Better!

The long-standing professional and leadership experience in various functions of the economy makes a competent partner in all questions of business an allrounder. Whether now communication or organizational strength, confidence and resilience. Eich independent, dedicated and responsible functioning – real team player! He has a neat appearance, friendly manners with a secure, reputable appearance. As a qualified industrial clerk, ALLROUNDER, entrepreneur, self-made man, Web page specialist and online marketing, his skills are interesting. He has the substance of a management consultant, knows the consumer, their concerns and needs and also has a lot of creativity. The all-rounder has no special emphasis, in the Marketigbereich this means, for example, that he can take care of both texts, graphical designs and campaigns. He can sell shiny uninstall ligated, lead, lead, make, solve problems, and is capable of quickly into new work processes like industries work into it and think. He is not a computer specialist or programmers, but good to very good knowledge of users in Windows, Internet, SEO, Web design, support, hardware, software, DSL, Wi-Fi, cable, hotline, and much more.

That the ALLROUNDER who usually or something like, by Pieke built on learned, introspective, and accompanied him the whole life in the profession, private as useful things: more than just an Office job – industry merchants are all-rounders and specialists at the same time. General and special knowledge is required of you. Where industry merchants need commercial qualifications, they come to the usage and not only there.At the very beginning, materials management, purchasing, inventory management is the manufacturer and commercial processes that already from the outset determine the price of the final product are material management. The production can be reduced to technical processes do not. Production planning, production planning, and finally also the control of production require economic thinking. Marketing and sales are required to ultimately bring the finished products to the male/female. But not enough, Payments, accounting, cost and management accounting and managerial control are commercial activities, without which nothing goes in the company. And not to forget: also the wage and payroll, and the entire human resources by the administration up to the education and training of employees fall into the commercial area of responsibility.

Due to the variety of tasks, not the clerk/account manager in the specific area is required, but an all-rounder, whose acting is oriented in all business processes of an enterprise. Services, flexibility and organizational skills are a must! Fantastic German knowledge of spoken and written. Communication in English and Spanish possible. Diplomacy and Tacheles are no foreign words for him… Gerd Bewersdorff