Infantile Reading Literature

Evaluation: The project of sarau of the infantile reading systematically will be evaluated, in accordance with the production of child so that the advances in relation to the objectives considered and decided eventual impasses detected in its execution proceeding are perceived. TO READ THE PLEASURE: Sarau of the reading and in the production literal. From the estimated one of that the literary text has the power of the autonomy of the meaning, where if creates the proper rules of communication, between the author and the reader, giving the incentive the activities in the knowledge of the texts given to the meeting that will be in the house of the mediating of the Sarau of the Infantile Reading. Together with the five year children to the twelve years of age. Considering wing diverse modalities recommended in the literature of the area, with emphasis in the mediation of the reading. Developing some important programs as the art in the reading, things among others on the education and culture, on in our city.

Giving to the importance of the reading in all its programs where they consider to explore, the book and infanto-youthful literature in all aspects (form narratives, contents, illustrations, paper, format), respecting it relation between texts and images. Through counted history, in its diverse modality, since the teatral stage it ties the use of small visual resources, as indumentria of personages and referring objects to playful the literary subject that seeing being offered as activity. The reading is something important for the development it human being, therefore through it that we can enrich the vocabularies of our children, getting knowledge, dinamizar the reasoning and the interpretation. Many children do not have patience to read a book, however this happens due to inhabits, due to house initiative. If the reading was one inhabits routine in the life of the children, today they would know to appreciate a good literary composition.