Inspection Of Lifts According To TRBS 3121

The fear getting stuck in the elevator or even to crash each had probably ever. Comprehensive and regular inspections eliminate the risk of accidents. Although lifts are considered one of the safest means of transport, is often still a certain residual fear. Whether just claustrophobia, the fear before that in the elevator to get stuck or possibly crashing, can not hide for many passengers. Everyone must fight against claustrophobia.

Very high security requirements and regular reviews of existing security systems provide a sense of security in the elevator. Which laws and regulations have to be observed? Various laws and their details and practice instructions govern monitoring, repair, maintenance, and implementation of all necessary security measures in connection with the operation of lift installations. Elevators are requiring a monitoring systems in terms of the operational safety Ordinance (BetrSichV). These are of the technical rules for reliability (TRBS) concrete, give advice on the risk assessment and provide appropriate measures. The operator of a lift system depends operation of lift installations TRBS 3121″, he can assume, to comply with the regulations of the BetrSichV. On the other hand, the texture is governed by elevators by the lift directive 95/16/EC. It deals only with the requirements for the placing on the market of lift installations. “Other special arrangements are in the TRBS 1201 part 4 test of requiring monitoring systems testing of lift installations” as well as in the TRBS 1121 changes and significant changes of lift installations”.

Important terms lifts elevators serve as work equipment and passenger transport system. Possible types are container, small goods and goods lifts and passenger lifts, load, and facade elevators. The TRBS refers exclusively to elevators, the be permanently operated in buildings and their safety components. Other requirements are the movement of a load carrier between at least two specific levels, along rigidly mounted guides, with a gradient of at least 15.