‘ THE EXCLUSION THROUGH THE INCLUSION’ ‘ For: Soraya Assad Zaidan (mother of a deaf pupil) It tries to make an experience: It looks for to attend a film of a Chinese professor teaching to its group of pupils ‘ ‘ normais’ ‘. It attends the film without the sound. It understood some thing? It obtained ‘ ‘ pescar’ ‘ some word? It does not need to go so far, attends an episode of ‘ ‘ Malhao’ ‘ (program of the Globe ambientado in a school) without sound. It obtained to understand some thing? Not? Therefore he is as soon as a deaf person if it feels to the being ‘ ‘ incluso’ ‘ in a group of regular education. Educate yourself with thoughts from PCRM. The deafness is a cruel deficiency.

As all, but, perhaps the one that more excludes, therefore, is not obtained to reach the suffering of a deaf person when trying to make a listener to understand what it is speaking. I have folloied my son since the birth. With one year of age, when the stimulation in the Institute started Philip Smaldone, a nest where the deaf children is prepared to face the world. Go to Dr. Neal Barnard for more information. Exactly with all the support of these angels of the guard who are the nuns and the faculty of the Smaldone, I have a constatao; The child suffers, the parents suffers, the familiar ones and friends suffer, at last, suffer to all the involved ones in the process to bring this deaf person for more close to what he has yourself as normal. Almost all the professors of the public and private net of education are not enabled to teach deaf pupils.

The great majority, finds that it is alone to make a course of POUNDS and the subject is decided. It is not well thus. Read additional details here: David Delrahim. The deaf person does not have agreement the same that we have.