Jana Kobeleva

Raffle – is not only fun idea, but the real goods. There are professionals who are ready to invent, sell and, most importantly, they are customers. And most of them are solid people with a certain weight society: the organization of the draw – a rather expensive exercise. Interestingly, in Moscow and St. Petersburg have different approaches to the organization of this kind of business. Primarily affects the difference in the economic climate.

If in Moscow event-agency can afford to deal exclusively with drawings, then in St. Petersburg, they were simply not enough for survival. And against the background of the organization, say, corporate events, which are usually also involved in similar company sweepstakes – a drop in the sea. According to Jana Kobeleva, director of the studio "Events, jokes, greetings, on average, willing to play his neighbor appears twice a month. In this business, you can talk about regular customers who "lead" for their friends and relatives.

Most customers have no idea how they would play each other. Therefore, to answer the question, how much does it – who knows what – will cost almost impossible. Moscow agency draws and surprises "Syureal" for suggesting ideas immediately takes the customer from $ 150 This amount is then enters the general budget of the draw, but it is as if certain guarantee the seriousness of the client in such a "frivolous" case. In St.Petersburg "PDP" such prepayment is not required to provide clients with an economy the scheme and detailed estimates of future action.