Learn English

To use this method to learn English it is necessary that you have a material produced in the white language you contend text (small), audio and translation. Click and Has access Small Texts in English with Translation and Audio Step 1 Here? To read the text in Portuguese while listening the audio one in English. This step serves so that you obtain to understand what he is being said. If it does not worry in understanding what each word means one of each time. On the contrary of this, it is concentrated in the information that is being transmitted phrase for phrase. It is well probable that to only make this you already obtain to learn the meaning of some words, mainly those that appear in the start or the end of the phrases or then, in case of small phrases. Step 2? To read the text in English following with the audio one.

In this stage, you it goes to obtain to associate the forms said and writing of the words better that you are studying. It alternates steps 1 and 2 per some days. Step 3? To read the text, to listen to the audio one and to repeat what he is being said. After the repetitions are well probable that you already have had contact the sufficient with the material the point of already knowing what is being said. To guarantee this it is that I recommended small texts, remembers? This goes to allow that you practise its pronunciation. After all, now you already heard the words being sharp as many times that already she knows of color the tune even though.

Through this method you go: 1) To increase its exposition to the said English, what he goes to improve its verbal understanding? the abilities most difficult of if acquiring 2) To associate mentally the forms said and to writing of the new words This method you can be easily adaptable to study films in English with legend. Vocabulary As you have the available translation, you do not go to be difficult you to find the meaning of the new words. He only goes to lack a form to study them. For this a program exists to learn called English ANKI, which allows that you create flashcards electronic to revise its new vocabulary.