Life Press Interview

Burnout seems to have found a place in the public perception as a widespread disease. Contrary to the opinion of the experts, that Burnout is not a disease is. The vocational promotion plant Leipzig (BFW Leipzig) organised a Rehawissenschaftliches on April 24th Colloquium on the topic of Burnout with experts to discuss the causes and effects of the supposed disease on the economy. We had the opportunity to speak with a presenter of the Rehawissenschaftlichen Colloquium in advance about the subject. Dr. It’s believed that Investors sees a great future in this idea. Michael Sanchez studied medicine in the United States and opened his own practice after his activity and specialist training at Nuremberg Hospital. Currently, he leads the first practice for healthy in Germany.

His specialization is prevention, and the gentle treatment of depression or stress depression (Burnout), acupuncture (especially smoking) and orthomolecular medicine. Appeared in his recent book the exhaustion and depression if the hormones crazy play”, 2012 in the He enters specifically Kosel Verlag, the method developed by him, making a personal threat for exhaustion and depression can be determined. “The European expert on health issues is on the Colloquium on enthusiasm rather than Burnout why self exploitation is more effective than foreign exploitation?” talk and thus a bridge between the expectations of the workforce speak man by the employer and their expectations of the people in her life. Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions has much experience in this field. “Question: the topic of burnout” is on everyone’s lips. Times, it reaches a wide media spread through headlines, written by prominent. But in everyday life you will actually know nothing about it or to profess that one is actually too tired to deliver its full power in the workplace. Where do you see the reasons for this apparent contradiction? Answer: The commitment comes to the Burnout usually only after the complete collapse – if almost everything is a matter.