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The percentage of illiteracy despite a State education system that imposes a five-year compulsory education, 28 percent of the population. Already the minimum compulsory realistically is not sufficient to escape poverty, the situation is still in addition it exacerbates the growing that just half of young Hondurans ever receive a basic education. Poor school facilities and poor living conditions that force children into work, to ensure the survival, oppose even the most modest education. IHZA / AICA helps talented young people and their parents on site to gain access to the necessary training. So is the prospect of a life away from abject poverty for them. While large organizations often have to contend with a massive administrative burden, due to its aid by incompletely to reach their goals, Isabella de Ivan is focused to help. This allows you, donations effectively and without detours there to use, where they are to act.

You committed in particular, the ability to open each talented and dedicated young people to get a, appropriate to their qualities, school, University or vocational training. In this way Isabella de Ivan ensures that aid will not only receive, but actually lead to permanently better living conditions. IHZA / AICA creates life opportunities for young people with talent, commitment to success and dedication, the existence of which would otherwise intended by the economically social situation of their poor home. For the German city information Marketing AG, the activities of the Association show a way with the poverty in a more effective and permanent way right there can be fought, where she determined the course of the life of countless people. Poverty is no inevitable provision, but a combination of individual lives, which can be permanently overcome by individual, effective and targeted assistance. The German city information Marketing AG is convinced that by supporting the work of the Association IHZA / AICA many other young people in Honduras can be helped to a dignified life. Further information are available on the website. Press information German city information Marketing AG Board of Directors: Robert Justitz Reinhold Dierkes In the Lipperfeld 22a 46047 Oberhausen Tel.: 02 08 / 97 07-0 fax: 02 08 / 97 07-137 E-Mail: Web: