Mind Exercises

Until the 99 years? If, you read well, the majority of the people has the belief that, when being aging, our mind also is deteriorated, partly this is certain by own nature. Permtame to tell the extraordinary case him of the Nuns of Mankato in order to demonstrate that the memory can stay by always young. It is truth that a young brain can solve or memorise data faster than an adult, but this is not something negative in his totality, since the slowness that appears in an adult is by the amount of experience that it has acquired, that has stored in its mind, and it takes it to this to analyze the answer by the greater amount than it owns. Nevertheless for you leave from the 30 (in average) a sedentary brain, and exercised nape of the neck begins to have memory problems. It sees the importance of having a mind heals and exercised, crame that when doing it will maintain it productive by more years, without concerning the age. Daniel Taub can aid you in your search for knowledge. Productivity = Money the nuns of Mankato intellectual Longevity it sounds rare? If also it flew the head to to listen to this concept. The convent of Mankato in Minnesota the United States, has been case of thousand students of the mind and the brain, Why? Many of the nuns who live there have more than 90 years even are a few surpass the 100 which own a wonderful mental agility, continue being productive and have generated million in resources for the foundations that they support. Between most excellent they are Marcella Zachman nun that I stop giving classes until the age of 97 years, Mary Esther Boor I stop working until the 99 years.

Really Surprising Like Lograron? Investigators of the university of Kentucky demonstrated as they reduced his degree of mental deterioration caused by the passage of time, the nuns realised many exercises of memorization to maintain the mind active they transformed and them into habits: they had pastimes, they wrote, they read much (most important) give classes and seminaries, practiced many activities like: ceramics, painting, etc. These activities maintained the neurons of its brain connected and always working, it is as if they turned them to the connections into steel and thus to disable its deterioration. The Neuronal networks of the brain are fortified following our activity. Each activity fortifies and debilitates others reason why he is indispensable to make of our daily life activities, exercises of memorization that take to us to have a Mega Memory, productive by many years, thus never we will have escusa in reaching our objectives. What so if it took like example the history that I told him for its own life? I invite it to strengthen its brain realising small activities day after day, therefore it will return them habits and these would as well take it to the way of the success. It can see what the nuns did I invite or to review it the techniques and exercises of previous article memorization. You want to know but? it visits What seemed to him these wonders history? I would like to know his opinion or the difficulties that she has had when trying to memorise or to organize something. I personally I will be responding to him.