Mobile PC Service Providers Is Becoming Increasingly Important

For entrepreneurs, as well as for private households mobile PC service providers are increasingly gaining importance. It Concierge service in the northern Black Forest PC service Sinicomp the offices are located in Schomberg (district Calw). At the same time, this site has a fixed inventory of consumables, computer accessories, and complete computer systems. Individual needs, Sinicomp assembles custom made computer. The technical equipment takes into account different application areas and financial performances of the customers. Repairs, training, as well as comprehensive consultation rounds out our profile. In particular, small and medium-sized companies can benefit from these services. Our experience is to determine that the IT-area in many companies increasingly is being neglected.

Often there is only a system outage, to recall the immense importance of the EDP in the consciousness of those involved. A complete loss of data can lead to the inability to act a company here. Existentially important areas, such as manufacturing, logistics and accounting grind to a halt, customers and personnel data will be irrevocably lost. To successfully avert such nightmare scenarios, Sinicomp provides special services and replaces an internal computer specialists. But to a lot cheaper and always responsive. Center for Responsible Business is often mentioned in discussions such as these. After consultation with the customer Sinicomp offers complete therefore an IT service.

This is a care package consisting of maintenance agreements, warranty extensions and data protection measures. Sinicomp performs repairs, brings IT up to date and make sure that internal company data are consistently protected from viruses and other intruders. Continue to Sinicomp cares, titled Green IT “, as to the health of its customers. The need for this arises from the fact that printers, copiers and fax machines to recirculate the Office air per fan. This in turn causes, that caused pollutants in the air we breathe go through toner. By attaching a suitable filter and the professional regular cleaning operations, these unhealthy emissions by up to 92%. Summary the efforts are based on the principle: fast and comprehensive help at reasonable prices. In General offers Sinicomp PC service of telephone system eliminates everything from one source, many additional technicians primarily to the server. Sinicomp is a partner in the IT service network, which specializes in the IT-services for small and medium-sized enterprises. Due to the growing importance of the issues of health and safety, expanding his series the network and providing jobs. Interested parties are informed and trained to provide an optimal service in the target group of small and medium-sized enterprises. More information at, here can find also the closest partner companies. PC service Sinicomp Sinisa Bostrunic 75328 Schomberg Lindenstrasse 25 Tel. 07084/931430