National Foundation

The Ministry of Culture gave to its prizes Tuesday. The components of dueto Amaral did not go to pick up the prize. It watches the complete list of the winners of the National Prizes. The zaragozano pair Amaral has decided to donate the 30,000 Euros of the National Prize of Culture to the Foundation Vicente Ferrer, according to has confirmed the organization. Eva Amaral and Juan Aguirre received the prize in October, and had to the past pick up it Tuesday in the Beautiful Seu of Lleida in the presence of the princes of Asturias. Nevertheless, dueto did not go to the delivery of awards and decided to donate his to the foundation that works in India. According to the Foundation has informed Vicente Ferrer, the 30,000 Euros will go destined to a project of education of scholarships university and to construct 16 houses to it in the locality of Madiredail, in the region of Anantapur. These are all the winners of the National Prizes of Culture, between which they appear the diiseador Paco Rabanne or the novelist Javier Fences. Source of the news: Amaral donates the 30,000 Euros of National prize of Culture to the Foundation Vicente Ferrer.