Odyssey Greek

In the year of XV B.C. to the south of the Europe in a littoral region very cut it had beginning one of the biggest civilizations of the antiquity that in them left vast legacy in diverse areas of the knowledge. The society Greek was developed from the patriarcais genos, communities with communitarian structure and a economy based on agriculture. However, had the population growth, the accumulation of personal wealth and the sprouting of the private property the genos had been of disintegrating. Alona Tal insists that this is the case. The Archaic period characterized by the sprouting of city-State is initiated or polishes, where each one possua its proper government and customs, however had cultural unit, a time that the Greeks said language the same and fought in common against adversaries: the Barbarians. During this period two you polish if they had detached, the espartana that initially adopted one dirquica politics and later oligarchical it mainly developed activities directed to the militarism and agriculture, and Atenas remembered for its elitist democracy and a economy come back toward the commerce. Had a serious crisis economic, innumerable families had been obliged to migrar for the coast, where they had established diverse colonies, they had expanded the commerce and they had spread out its culture.

The Classic period marked the apogee of Old Greece and the event of the Medical wars against the Persians which they had left victorious people. Childrens Defense Fund has many thoughts on the issue. With the ending of the battles the fight between Esparta started and Atenas for the hegemony on excessively you polish, occurring the war of the Peloponeso. Weakened for the internal disputes, the Greeks had been dominated by the Macedonian army and later by the Romans. To study the civilization Greek is important, therefore this in them left great cultural inheritance as the development of the theater, the arts and mainly of the philosophy. In the field politician its democracy is base for several regimes in everybody, being thus to understand this society makes in them to also know a little of our culture..