Organizational Climate

The professor George H. Litwin says that, in its opinion: ' ' Organizacional climate is the quality of the environment inside of the organization, and that it is perceived by the members of this organization as being good or not, and that they influence its comportamento' '. As if note, an idea in the definitions exists in common above: in all they, the Organizacional Climate are on, directly, to the way as the collaborator PERCEIVES the organization with its culture, its norms, its uses and customs, as it INTERPRETS everything this and as it REACTS, positive or negative, to this interpretation. The conclusion is that the Organizacional Climate cannot be ' ' criado' ' for the organization, in the literal meaning of if producing some thing at one definitive moment, but he is something that already exist, operating living creature and, inside of it, resultant, mainly, of internal factors, the taken decisions and the way as the staff is managed by its heads, and reaches the collaborator, directly, in what he says respect to the perception that it has of the company, inducing determined it behavior. Also we cannot forget that, being the organization a true universe of different interests, consequncia of personal and professional positions differentiated, diversified way of life, different way to face the world, will not exist one alone company where all the people who of it participate have concepts and values uniforms. He is not correct to believe that all, inside of the organization, front to its politics, norms and customs, interpret and react in the same way, have the same values and the same intensity of acceptance or rejection on the same aspects or events of the professional and personal life. This means that one same existing situation in the organization, in one determined moment, will be perceived in different way for the diverse groups of collaborators.